Happy Engineering Christmas

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Happy Christmas to all the Engineers out there from the mysterious ofilispeaks.com team of writers.

PS: Whoever can figure out the smart card below with the best explanation … emphasis on best not fastest, gets a Christmas gift of N20,000.


twitterWritten By Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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10 comments on “Happy Engineering Christmas

  1. M, (2.71828) = e (eulers constant, a mathematical constant), r^2 = r * r which can be written as rr, (1/y)^-1 = (y^-1)^-1 =y^-1*-1=y^1 which can also be written as y, square root of x^2 is x as square root cancels square, (force/ acceleration is mass) so writing it together we have Merry xmass. I think the part of santa claus spilling out H2O is an effect as santa claus signifies christmas and H2O signifies water or in this case snow. Just for clarification the symbol ^ was used to signify “power of”. ajao_ope@yahoo.com

  2. noncapax on said:

    m(2.71828)r^2(1/y)^(-1) sqrt(x^2)(force/acceleration)
    2.71828 =e

    m(e)r^2*(1/(1/y)) x*mass

    m(e)r^2y xmass

    merry xmass

  3. I think that Smart Card says “Merry Xmas”!!!

    Merry Christmas and a More Successful New Year 2015 Ofili!

    Was inspired by your previous post about the Good Bad Year. We all went through different experiences, its a good thing we made the best out of everything.

    Best Wishes!

  4. M=M
    (2.71828)=e; mathematical value for e
    r^2= rr

    (force/acceleration)= mass*acceleration /acceleration=mass.

    Merry Xmass people, HoHoHo!!!

    P.s. That mass thing actually got me confused. Was thinking in terms of equations, not English. Yay!!! Now I feel smart:-)

  5. Merry Christmas sir. Now because some of us did not study engineering we are not smart right? Remember what you said about Nigerian education system. Congratulations to the winner. I respect people that can decode mathematical stuff. MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.

  6. feyisayo on said:

    M, (2.71828) = e(e is an important mathematical constant,is the base of the natural logarithm,while r2 equals(r x r) and y, and square root of X raise to the power of 2 equals x……while force/acc = mass,therefore X multiply by mass equals xmass,and from the above equation,we have merry,therefore we have merryxmass……and the santa claus part of H20 is water,I guess santa is trying to say is drizzling (weather)…..feyiojes1@yahoo.com

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