Growing Up Is Shitty: Toilet Rant

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Growing up is learning to accept that things will not always go as you want. But then again, who said life was perfect?

I remember a time when I was younger and did not understand the concept of death. Until people I knew started dying …  older, age-mates and others even younger than I. Then I suddenly began to notice my mortality and started to question my life and what it all meant.

Growing up is realizing that some people are just who they are; you can either accept and tolerate them as such or get so freaking mad when you see their face or hear their name. The choice is yours. Sometimes, you hope they change, but that rarely happens.

Growing up is having your illusions of almost everything sacred broken … and having to sort through the pieces …  As you try to make sense out of it with the hope that you have picked one or two useful fragments from the pile of pieces.

Growing up for me has being anti-climactic. Yes, I can now come home much later, but I also have to buy personal items out of my pocket money which I believe is a travesty that should be addressed.

Growing up can either mean you decide to be less selfish and embrace people and their shitty personalities or just become more selfish by thinking about only yourself and the person(s) you love maybe.

Growing up is getting a shitty nine-to-five-job with equally shitty pay and going there everyday of the week because, well, shitty money is much better than no money.

Growing up is disliking your boss and still kissing his ass because, well, he is the big kahuna, for now.

Growing up is learning to live with different kinds of people because hey, a roof with assholes is better than no roof at all.

Growing up is realizing that you have left friends, lovers, and even enemies at a stop sign that you passed years ago.

Growing up is coming to terms with the fact that you haven’t spoken to those people you once swore you could not live without for close to a year now.

Growing up these days is having friends that you really love but have never actually seen. Thanks to social media. And no,  pictures do not count.

Growing up is watching a once fiery love transform into fond likeness. Or in some cases, mild disgust.

Growing up is leaving. And having people leave you.

Growing up is accepting, and it is also present continuous.

Growing up is knowing when to drop your weapons and when to pick them up,  that is if you ever get the chance.

Growing up is change. And change is good even though it is shitty. And like many shitty things, we have no other options than to grab our helmet and plough through the shit! Because growing up is shitty!

Article written by RED…

Approximately 20 years ago, RED crashed into planet Earth from Mars. She was meant to crash into yankee, but somehow ended up in Nigeria. She has no regrets being in Nigeria, but fights actively against the decay and rot in Nigeria especially in its Universities. To be honest, RED cannot really fight…cause she loves peace. So instead of fighting she writes and uses her words as a weapon to create change in Nigeria. And she won’t stop typing until…




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19 comments on “Growing Up Is Shitty: Toilet Rant

  1. Mascoteda on said:

    Hahahaha….yeah Red growing up is shitty…which sometimes makes life feel shitty…lol the funny thing is nobody wants to stay small either even after getting a glimpse of the shitt on the way up.

    Nice one girl,from the scrabs of living…

  2. Like you said Red, growing up is indeed the ultimate anti-climax.

    When I was younger all I wanted was to grow up. I get to the grown up destination and it sucks. Being responsible, paying bills, leaving behind so called childish things which you still enjoy all because you are now of a certain age and having to act like a mature adult when all you really want to do is throw temper tantrum. Man growing up sucks.

    I miss the days when all we did was eat, play and sleep. Those were the glory days lol.
    July latest post is Life and DreamsMy Profile

  3. My younger brother and I had a very similar conversation yesterday evening. When I was five my biggest ambition was to be thirteen, I could go where I wanted, select what I want to wear, talk to who I wanted to talk to, I honestly thought that was the height of indepence. Fast forward eight years, I’m thirteen, can dress my self, couldn’t go where I wanted, had no money, life was ‘shittier’. My new ambition was to be twenty five and rolling in dough. I’m twenty five now doing a shitty internship in a crappy hospital and FG has refused to pay us, now I wish I were five. Growing up is a choice we have to make, to see positives even the midst of negativity, to hold on to light in swirling darkness and to believe it will work out in the end.
    Growing is shitty but its totally worth it!

  4. Lolz…its really shitty
    I love this line ” And like many shitty
    things, we have no other options than to grab our helmet and plough through the shit!” we have to, is not like we have a choice…hahaha
    You nailed it there RED, nice one!

  5. This is wat is paining u “Yes, I can now come home much later, but I also have to buy personal items out of my pocket money which I believe is a travesty that should be addressed”….eyya lool

  6. …Life sucks RED… When growing up I always say to myself can’t wait to make all the money in the world, was thinking is easy Hey… not so easy its really shitty ‘A say nothing comes easy’ Now I learn to fix my strategy up, hard work, confident in myself, Sorry I don’t mean to be selfish ‘myself’ lol

    RED keep writing life is beautify Make a CHANGE *hug*

  7. I always wanted to grow up, get a. Job, have my house and car, and travel round the world. Fastforward years later, and I realise making money is shitty business. I lover your article.

    This is the second time I am reading your article, its the bomb, straight to the point. Lovely. Stop being anonymous let’s see your face , Red, it won’t be a bad idea. 😀

  8. red, soooo well written! especially the boss part! lol! its really shitty growing up! I hate being asked when I will get married, I hate to think about what next to eat! I hate to have to come to work! even though I have quite an enviable position, I Dont like work bcos of my boss…..

    only thing that keeps me going in this shitty life is my family and God!

  9. I’m 21 nd am still treated like a 5yr old. Most times i tell myself i cnt wait 2get a good job, get married nd enjoy life but its not as easy as i think. Nice one Red. Keep it up!

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