A Nation Is Not Great Because It Prays But Rather…

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We have used the Devil as an excuse for our problems for decades…so we set up all these Churches and Mosques in hope that they will protect us from him…the Devil. Failing to realize that the devil we fight so aggressively is US..you and me.

We are the devils who did not fix the road so the poor kid driving through did not see the light pole before he crashed!

We are the devils who did not maintain an aircraft so hundreds of passengers plunged to their death.

We are the devils who stood by and watched as innocent teenagers were beaten and burnt alive.

We are the devils we pray against everyday, us, not some meta-physical being who we blame for anything bad that happens in our country but us.

And it’s time for us to stop blaming the devil and start taking responsibility for our actions and lack of actions. It’s time for us to stop focusing on dodging Hell, while our country is a living Hell for many. It is time for us to start turning our prayers into action. Because a nation is not great because of the number of prayers it says, or the number of churches or mosques it builds. A nation is great because of the number of times it fights for the preyed, speaks up for the voiceless and caters for the helpless. That’s what makes a nation great…

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48 comments on “A Nation Is Not Great Because It Prays But Rather…

  1. You’re right. The cause of our nations peril is our negligence to do the right thing. Then we blame the devil. Faith without works is dead. Our prayers compliments our work. No work, no answered prayers.

    The snake bite doesn’t kill. Its the venom that kills. Kick blame out of your life. Take responsibility for everything in your life.

  2. “We are the devils who stood by and watched as innocent teenagers were beating and burnt alive.”
    Spelling is ‘beaten’ not beating. Thanks

  3. Dear Nnamdi,

    It will be nice if you can help our nation correct its ills with the speed you used to correct the author’s error.

    We sure do need pro(re)active people like you.

    So now that you’ve rendered such a selfless service,can you please write your own article so that others can proof-read?

    Kindly correct my reply if there are errors.


  4. Very well written, we (Nigerians) have a role to play in nation building. Let’s do the best we can for the sake of posterity. The devil is not our problem, let’s leave him out of this and face reality.God bless Nigeria

  5. This is soo true Ofili. When we blame the devil we take the responsibility away fron ourselves and things stay the same way.

  6. Iyke Ezra on said:

    Keep it Mr Ofili, we always like shiftin blames dats y a born criminal wen caught will start singin is d devil’s hand work. Just want to urge all of us to take full responsibility of our actions. Nice weekend all

    • Ofili

      lol…Iyke na true you talk o. That was what the killers of Cynthia said. They said they drugged her, but that the raping was the devil, not them….smh….

  7. Couldn’t have written this any better ofili. Well said. Still don’t understand why we brush aside our responsibilities in this country and blame the ‘devil’ for virtually EVERYTHING.

    • Many thanks to you Ofili, this nation need more of people like you. Lets keep talking & acting.

      Sometimes, i felt our colonian masters left us too early, may be this country need to be contracted to better hands.

      Apparently, prayers have played a vital role in the relative peace we enjoyed up untill now, but a huge vaccum created by in-action is yet to be filled.

      It’s amazing the dimension religion is taking in Nigeria, now we “know” more than people who brought the good news. We practice and do it our own, people are been impoverish in their un-ending search for solutions to the mysteries all around them.

      Let everyone carry his/her load then we can relief the Nigeria/world of it overwhelming sinking,killing loads.

      Mr. Ofili, I love your response to the spellings issues above, it reinforces the quality a good leader must possess.


      • Ofili

        Thanks Ayo man. You hit the nail on the head with this statement:

        “prayers have played a vital role in the relative peace we enjoyed up until now, but a huge vacuum created by in-action is yet to be filled.”

  8. This post makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because increasingly, I am hearing Nigerians put the “blame” where it belongs- with us as individuals. We get the nation and leaders we deserve. Through our failure to do the little that is in our power to do. Vote, obey traffic laws, follow due process, be faithful to your partner, study and attend classes, refuse to be part of the corrupt cycle that exists, speaking out when we see injustice or wrong-doing, make another individual’s problem yours, etc.

    We pray because it is easier to claim to have faith than to actually live it out.

    I am sad because it is the truth. I can see in my own life where I am a part of the problem, rather than the solution.

    • I agree with Nelson. Prayer is a very important ingredient in our daily lives and should not be treated otherwise.
      However, after prayers have been made, we should all ACT out our faith in those prayers, even the Bible says, “faith without works is dead”. So pray and ACT!

    • Ofili

      It might actually be better. Prayer makes us Lazy, we need to pray and act, praying and hoping is not a strategy.

  9. Onyemachi on said:

    Great piece. How i wish we could go a step further and point out the real problem which is religion, or we can keep kidding ourselves…

  10. Yahya Bala Wambai on said:

    Ofili, Good talk. Prayer can only work where people are sincere to their fellow human beings, where the children, women and the aged are well protected, where the devils are given their dues. In a country where people are seen based on their social status, ethnicity or religious background how can prayer work. In Qur’an, God says” We created you from single soul, of male and female and made you into Nations and Tribes so that you can Know one another and not that you despise one another, Verily, the best among you are those good in Conduct. God has nothing to do with your Tribe, status or Nationality. He has much to do with your kindness to human race.

    • Ofili

      “He has much to do with your kindness to human race.” well said and thanks for sharing. Kindness often gets lost in religious extremism.

  11. J.C. Okoye jr on said:

    Very well articulated Ofili. Sincere positive change of mindset within Nigeria can only be spurred if the collective make a conscious effort with God’s help to follow through. Prayers alone cannot do it.

    P.S. Kepp wspeaking (True Talk!)
    J.C. jr.

  12. J.C. Okoye jr on said:

    Very well articulated Ofili. Sincere positive change of mindset within Nigeria can only be spurred if the collective make a conscious effort with God’s help to follow through. Prayers alone cannot do it.

    P.S. Keep Speaking (True Talk!)
    J.C. jr.

  13. Gbolahan on said:

    Ofili well done! only got to know about you about a month ago.

    Read your book on stupidity…great work indeed!

    Lol @ the gbagaun detector Nnamdi. Please we need people like you to corrected such errors.

    God bless y’all.

  14. Gbolahan on said:

    lol!……… Ofili those facebook people wont allow me add you up on facebook. I suggest you delete some people! haba! 🙂

  15. Habeeb Bello on said:

    Joseph Conrad said “The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness”. Until me and you stop pointing fingers and being proactive rather than react to situations, we still remain the sleeping giant.

  16. Well said…. Even if God wants to work he would use whoever is ready and willing to effect a change not one who wants to pray 24-7 without really doing anything. There are non spiritual countries where people can eat three times a day, sleep with their both eyes closed and afford good education. Not because they lack prayer but because work and action is what is needed to change a country.
    Iweanya Victor latest post is Iweanya Victor on “SIX Ph.D. and 704 Masters Holders….”My Profile

  17. Ohanson Precious on said:

    hmmmmm…… very well said. The truth has been very well served, painful and hard to chew but true……… we have become the nightmare we fight againgst *heavy heart*. proverbs says that ;Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established. we ought to balance our prayers with actions because when we dont it comes back to us void. if we are our problems then it still means that we are the solution hence the solution to all the crises in this nation is not far fetched, its YOU sitting at home reading the heart breaking news in the newspaper and its ME typing this now. thanks Ofili for the insight.

  18. I have stopped giving the devil the time of day because I see now that he works through those closest to me and/or pretending to be. I don’t want peeps who like me. I want peeps who like me no matter what. You are so right. Nigeria is being killed by Nigerians. Stop it. But you know what Ofili? They won’t stop. My question to you and God is what do we do when they wont’; stop?
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  19. lol i think you should have just yielded to the correction instead of being sarcastic and other people attacking. I’m sure you wont make that mistake again…hehehe 🙂

  20. Omorinsola on said:

    When we get tired of praying, the next action we take will be the one that liberates us.

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