Publish Your First Book When You Attend The “Writing FLIPPED” Bootcamp Hosted by @ofilispeaks … The No Nonsense, No BS Guide To Publishing

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WARNING: You will not get a paper certificate in this bootcamp. What you will get instead are solid skills that will allow you publish books of high quality using simple to understand instruction from a passionate teacher.

About the Bootcamp

flipped flier 7 31 2016Sick and tired of the same old conferences that you attend and wonder “why?” at the end of it all? Are you a writer looking to publish their first or second manuscript?
Are you sick and tired of receiving paper certificates but no paper writing skills? Are publishers giving you the run around? Want to learn how to publish your book for cheap? Then the flipped writing bootcamp is for you.

Hosted by award winning (I technically won an award) Okechukwu Ofili

Ofili will show you how to publish your book in less than 6 months, without any of the BS. In a straight forward manner, you will learn all the secrets of publishing that publishers do not want you to know about. At the end of the bootcamp (provided you pay attention), you would have learnt how to design beautiful book covers, how to design an author website for free, how to make money with your book,and finally how to get your book published.

The 10 Modules

1. How to write without writing
2. How to design a book cover using only Microsoft word and a secret but free website (live demo)
3. How to market your stupidity
4. How to build a website without writing a single line of code (live demo)
5. How to write for the top blogs in the country
6 How to get Testimonials from celebrities
7. How to take a sexy photoshoot even though you are not sexy (live exercise/demo)
8. How to make money from writing.
9. Learn how to get 1000+ key people (not fake or bought) following you on social media in less than 6 months! Guaranteed!
10. Learn how to use your speeches and presentations to generate product sales. This has seen me consistently sell out my books at events.

About the Speaker

Okechukwu Ofili is the author of 4 books and has written on several platforms including Bellanaija and BBC’s What’s Up Africa. As a child, Okechukwu Ofili struggled with English, failing several times in Secondary school , but somehow to the surprise of many teachers who wrote him off, he has managed to overcome his English struggles to become an acclaimed writer, speaker and trainer. Tired of being told BS as a child, Ofili shares information in non-complicated and brutally honest manner. Do not attend if you are afraid of getting your book published.

Event Details

Date: September 24, 2016
Venue: Pearl Court Hotel, Park View Estate
Cost: N19,500
Time: 8am to 8pm 11am to 8pm (Environmental Sanitation)

NOTE: Wifi will be provided, just bring your laptops.

To register send payment to Okechukwu Ofili 0064206894 Diamond Bank and send email with Deposit Slip or SMS to

NOTE: Attendance is limited to the first 45 registrants to ensure that the CLASS number is kept at an optimal level. Small classes means your questions are answered better.


If you attend my workshop and don’t feel like you’ve already gotten more than your money’s worth by the morning session, simply ask for a refund, turn in your materials, keep all the bonus gifts, and I’ll happily honor your request.

I am committed to helping other entrepreneurs and I’m not backing out…even If only one person signs up! I want to work with people who are seriously interested in investing in their future.



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    Could you please mail me a detailed description of the address? Wouldn’t want to spend the first hour searching for Pearl Court in Park View Estate. Gracias.

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