George Saunders Speaks: A Two-Minute Note To The Future

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george saunders quoteAmazing to think that I am here in my time and you, future reader, are there in your (future) time, reading this! By the time you read this, I may be in grave (!). Maybe you, in your future clothing, can drive your jet car to my grave, hover over grave, think fondly of time you read these words, leave weird cloned flowers, go scooting back to own life. But beware: you too, future reader, will someday be in grave. All, in time, will be in graves. Unless you, in future time, have defeated death. If so, please revive me (!). Also revive Kate (wife) and kids (Sally, Kip).

Hope that, in future, all is well, everyone eats free, no one must work, all just sit around feeling love for one another.

Speaking of Sally, Kip: what parenting like in future? Still difficult? Even though your kids not brought to term in womb, but in small hygienic chamber attached to mother, even though your kids born speaking several languages + playing violin, due to tiny chips in brains, future parents still find parenting hard?

My boss just came, asked what I was writing. EnderCO report? Ha. No.

Note to future generations: Still have “bosses”? Bosses still intrusive? Still have “offices”? Future offices = high tech? All you have to do to raise temperature is think, “Raise temperature in office,” computer does? People move from place to place on invisible air-cars? People think: “AirCar, take me to Copy Room,” soon are soundlessly proceeding to Copy Room? Except there is no Copy Room, because paper obsolete, all documents projected on to screen inside brain? Sometimes, for prank, future person sends ton of random copies into brain of friend, friend cannot walk/see, has to feel way to AirCar, say: “AirCar, take me to Frank’s cubicle, am going to kill Frank for flooding my brain with random copies.” In your (future) time, boss can just stay in own (plush) office, nosing into what (excellent, responsible) worker might be writing in own spare time? Worker can send boss mental message: If you are so smart, Mr. Kenner, why branch shrinking, why did you have to lay off Jerry Ringer?

Jerry = good guy. Really miss Jerry. Jerry = dear friend. People still get fired in future? Even person with new baby? Hope not. Hope that, in future, all is well, everyone eats free, no one must work, all just sit around feeling love for one another.

George Saunders Speaks…



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2 comments on “George Saunders Speaks: A Two-Minute Note To The Future

  1. Dear writer, I started reading your post in my past but ended it in my future. None of those things are mainstream for now except google trying to push google wear.
    Sadly, I would have tried to revive you, but you are all bones.

  2. Dead Guacamole on said:

    Dear author

    You were the hypocrite who got paid for pushing communist phrases on to-go bags for some restaurant company that made billions making their customers sick, and you got millions in sales, awards, and advances, along with salary for turning students brains to mush.

    Sorry but in future world we realized that communism was deadly like jihadism and we let sleeping dogs lie.

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