If All Intelligent People Were Doctors Or Engineers The World Will Suck Like This

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Education in Nigeria is a funny thing, you do well in school and the first thing people say is that you must be an Engineer or a Medical doctor.

But the irony is that the people that really run the world, are not Engineers or Medical Doctor’s, they tend to be the politicians and business men, the ones that nobody paid attention to in school, sometimes the drop outs, they end up in charge of everyone and everything. There is really nothing wrong with that, but what if we stopped pigeon-holing the intelligent? What if we stopped forcing intelligent people to be Doctors? What if parents felt as proud of a son with a Political Science degree as one with an Engineering degree?

You see you shouldn’t have to be an engineer, doctor or architect to be considered intelligent in school. You don’t need to understand further mathematics either. Sometimes you could just be intelligent in Economics and Political Science and that is okay, but that is rarely the case.

Imagine what would happen if we could do that … diversify our intelligent students across various subjects. Maybe we might have smarter politicians, smarter writers … Remember Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Adichie, they both were once pushed into medicine, imagine if they never rebelled and moved into literature, then we might have missed out on their real intelligence. They might have been stuck in a hospital and never have had time to write their classics … sadly there are many intelligent people stuck inside the walls of the hospital living a dream created for them by others … a dream limited by the myopic definition of intelligence. We need to redefine and diversify intelligence. I leave you with an awesome quote I saw yesterday on a black berry broadcast message:

The smartest students pass with 1st Class and get admissions to medical and engineering schools. The 2nd Class students get MBAs and LLBs to manage the First Class students. The 3rd Class students enter politics, and rule both 1st and 2nd Class students. The Failures join underworld and control politicians and businesses. And best of all, those who did not attend any school, become prophets, and everybody follows them.

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25 comments on “If All Intelligent People Were Doctors Or Engineers The World Will Suck Like This

  1. Oni Oluwamuyiwa on said:

    Well said. Am a graduate of literature from the university of Ahmadu Bello University, and I must tell you, over the years we never have a 2.1 candidate. My point is a lot of people are talented, gifted and a full fledge of creativity stuck inside them, unfortunately the society has no schedule for developing skills, just to train stereo typed students. I believe that the people who genuinely live are those who build creativity and stay around it.

  2. Nna, ee dikwa egwu!
    Your posts have always had a way of making my brain reason. Yup! i sure was elated the very first time i read Chimamanda’s history. How she opted in for English, and not that medicine (nodding). It really annoys me, how everyone praises the science students, like they’re ‘the brightest of them all’.

    That was a great punch line! *bomb sound*

    “a dream limited by the myopic
    definition of intelligence”

  3. Deji on said:

    Wow, I love that!

    I am a victim! I made myself study a course because I felt it will be less attractive to chics if I told them I was studying Agric, plus my sister thought it was very uncool to study Agric anyway…

    We have a long way to go!

    Way to go Bro! Keep writing…our voices will get heard one day.

    PS: You hasve not dont the piece about Time management!

  4. Hmmm. According to the heading on this page, “this blog can cure stupidity…” There’s no doubt that this post can; especially the quote at the end. That should be our wakeup call. Thanks Ofili for nailing it again and again. God bless you bro.
    Edima Inwang latest post is What if?My Profile

  5. The situation is heartbreaking cos u get to the universities and see students who don’t like their course but continue in the field cos they’ve been told thats what intelligent read or were even bullied by their parents.
    Sometimes I think its better to be somehow dumb (by the educational system rating) as u wil a broad range of options to choose from and u won’t be limited bt the “myopic definition”.
    “Just thinking tho”
    chidi latest post is The People who never act. ……My Profile

  6. Nice article. I totally relate. Corona forced me into the Science Class because of my “good grades”…engineering was simply just logical for university because I was good at Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I didn’t particularly enjoy it. Luckily, I didn’t allow “external influences” determine my career. It’s in consultancy. I earn about 30% of what my engineering peers do. But I love my job, and wouldn’t trade it.
    Oyin Egbeyemi latest post is Gossip Girl Naija Part III: The “Lagos” HamptonsMy Profile

  7. Christian chinedu on said:

    Food for thought. Great quote. So much on point,……. can sway appetite for stereotypes.

  8. I’m a classic example of someone wasting away within the walls of a hospital. I wish I knew 13 years ago, what I know now.

  9. It’s true that we need to learn to play to our strengths but in all honesty, you can’t completely blame the parents that push their kids to study certain courses. I really hate hearing that our system has failed but mehn, sometimes you gats tell yourself the truth. Nigeria is simply not conducive for some things and their generation has experienced it firsthand, leaving scars. Lemme just waka pass for now. Will probably return and present my opinion with some degree of order. Can’t think straight now.

  10. I laughed a lot reading this. Yes ur right, I think we should change our perception of who is intelligent/who is not. Truth is, everybody is. Academic success is just one part of being intelligent. Intelligence itself is wholesome.. creativity, thinking up ideas.. all takes an alert and intelligent mind. the artist who paints a woman and makes u see a bird, the poet, the storyteller.. are all intelligent.

    But lets not be too hard on our parents who were the main wheels behind pushing children into medicine and law. Thank goodness our generation is changing things and kids are being more expressive, and more into summer classes of creativity. Our parents really meant no harm, they were living their times, their kids were their boasting points, so it was a thing of pride to have ‘brilliant’ (academic intelligent) kids who top their classes go into professional courses. It was the big thing! Also, 20/30 years ago, creativity was not lucrative in Nigeria. A doctor/lawyer had more chances of comfortable living than a drop out or story teller. Chimamanda got her MFA in America, degrees like that don’t make much money in Nigeria.. goodluck finding a good publisher like hers! Let’s be honest there are still many degrees that dunt make sense in Nig cos those sectors are stagnant or unexplored. But now how fast the tables have turned. Musicians/comedians earn more than doctors can ever dream of and some people into creative ideas are finally getting rich! In Nigeria, entertainment/pastoring is the new big thing!And doctors are starving, bcos well, while they were intelligent enough to come out first in class, they knew nothing about money.

    But every discipline has it’s place… for instance, who knows how the tables might turn again in the next 50yrs, by then our kids might be hating at us for channeling them into entertainment, by then maybe Nigerians wud be banned from getting medical care outside, and then we wud look for doctors and there wud be none..Because they all left. And our kids dunt wana be docs anymore.

  11. Wale kazeem on said:

    A great mind burgling recourse of a lifetime. Even to the people who has not seen the four wall of the university has their intelligence stuck to their conduct of an events in the society.

  12. JOB SUCCESS ACADEMY on said:

    We are our own worst enemy.Our social conditioning,has resulted in ‘brain drain’ in the most critical sectors of our national life.Resulting in DUMB people leading people who can speak and BLIND people leading people with perfect sight.In my speaking engagements and training sessions especially at schools,I will try to pass on your message.Objective?Let’s try and see if we can reformat our people’s mental system.One small group at a time.Many thanks.

    You inspired me to start blogging two years ago.Many thanks.

  13. Godson on said:

    @bluechelli. I think the point He(Ofili) was trying to make was for us to understand the aspect of CREATIVITY,VARIETIES that life has to offer. So many Doctors don’t understand the BUSINESS of Medicine,the other ones even studying Agric,Soil Sci. Etc don’t even value the discipline. The truth is there will never scarcity of Doctors and Engrs…but there’s scarcity of students,people who really love to explore the area of Agriculture with excellence,who really are into Political science,people who really count it all joy to study accounting or economics…there’s great joy and oppurtunities in CREATIVITY and VARIETIES irrespective of the ill belief of the people.

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