First Pictures From My Upcoming Children’s Book

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So yeah, about 2-3 months ago I said I was writing a children’s book that I talked about here which was inspired by a blog post I wrote here.

Well the book is almost done … we have gone through like 4-5 rounds of edits (gosh who knew writing Children’s books would be this hard!) and it has been a fun experience … but challenging … because you have to think like a child to really write a good children’s book (hmmm that could make a good future article).

Anyway all that is left is primarily the book illustrations which are being colored-in as we speaks. And I thought it would be awesome to share some images with you just so you can see the progress and also give some feedback about your first impressions about the book.

Also before I forget, I will be in Nigeria sometime next week (please Kidnappers hapu m aka … ego adiro!) and I am scheduled to do a book reading at Terra Culture on the 27th of December in Lagos. I hope to meet and hug people that buy my book some of you on that day. I will send more information as the time nears…oya see the pictures below, I have to go and pack now…



PS: Christmas is coming, I want us to do something special … very special for someone deserving. So please let me know if you know anyone … student, entrepreneur … all round good person that deserves some financial help/relief this season. Drop their story in the comments below (you don’t need to use their names here) and I would select a deserving person on persons! As always your recommendation or story should be about someone else and not you.

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24 comments on “First Pictures From My Upcoming Children’s Book

  1. EkenennaR on said:

    Lovely illustrations. So who’s the lady with such long stands like Rapunzel! Did she straighten her natural African hair or is that Brazilian? Lol. Can u do a book reading in Uyo?

    • Ofili

      ah…you would have to buy the book to find out =D or you could just read the blog =/

      Definitely open to reading at different places. Just that Lagos and Abuja have been where I get most requests from.

  2. Olaoluwa Oni on said:

    Pictures looking good…can’t wait to see what the girl with the afro looks like. Read a preview of the book on Hope you edited out the stuff about the queen singing I am very ‘sesi’….just seems a little off for a children’s book. Buh I love that it is an indigenous fantasy book! Big ups!

    On deserving people. ..I know that the founder of the destiny trust, an absolutely amazing organisation that helps resettle and rehabilitate street children has been trying to raise some funds for some project. I think it is very deserving that they get it, they do so much with so little that it would be great to have support. You can visit the website at Also, if you are going to be in LAGOS, you could pay a visit to the resettlement home and read to the kids. Would be absolutely fabulous. Hope you can wing it.

  3. F@ncy th@t…my children’s books @re out end of the ye@r but it seems with @ different theme. excited to see more books for children from @fric@n writers with @ contempor@ry present@tion. P@rdon the @…ü c@n guess the missing letter. lol. Well done Ofili.
    Tej latest post is A journey of love – A short storyMy Profile

  4. Being an illustrator who works on children’s books and comics myself, l would say that these aren’t bad at all. I like the African-ness and simplicity of the images. Nice one, Ofili!

  5. Dear Ofili,

    I am 2 centuries late again. My aunt needs help. I gave you her story during your bat man post but I guess I was too late and my post never came up. I am so broke I cant even help her (I mentioned my story about I have remain unpaid for 5 months now and I am still putting in man hours).

    My aunt needs this money to boost her business and probably start taking care of her kids. She lives with my younger brother in Ibadan at the moment.

    Congrats on your book and if I am lucky to still be alive on the 27th December, I may see you at TerraKulture.

    • Ofili

      Yeekz … I am going to create a post dedicated for this. Just copy and paste once you see it. It should be out this Monday/Tuesday.

      • Hi Ofil,

        Hope you are having a merry time in Nigeria. I am yet to see the post you promised to put up on respect of my last post.

        Do have a swell intelligent conversation at Terrakulture.

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