Fashion Statement or Social Responsibility? #SWORTETalks2

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otto flierIn today’s society community service can often be misused as a tool to boost ones standing in society … the camera’s rush in to capture videos of the philanthropist giving the kids new clothes or toys.

But what happens after the cameras are gone, after the videos are over, after the clothes are worn? What happens?

Fashion Statement or Social Responsibility?

That is the question that 4 awesome individuals will attempt to answer in this controversial but brilliant dialogue amongst some of Nigeria’s top community service heroes. From Otto Orondaam founder Slum2School building schools in Makoko, to Misan Rewane founder West Africa Vocational Education tackling youth unemployment in Africa via their training and job placement models.

Other speakers include Udo Okonjo leader of the WOW DIVAS empowering and inspiring strong women to find a place and purpose in life and Bunmi Otegbade co-founder of StrategyQ, an SME advisory company working to stabilize and deepen the roots of small African businesses.

Listen to them speak this Saturday December 12th at the Muson Center Agip hall when you RSVP for FREE at 

But note … this will not be your regular sit-down and listen event. As the audience will be able to challenge and ask questions to our speakers … think of it more like a town hall meeting with some of Nigeria’s smartest minds including yourself.

RSVP for the event is free at

Charity donations will also be collected at the door of the MUSON center in the form of clothing items to benefit the Green Pasteur Kiddies led by Yewande Olufinro. We would be gathering up the clothing items at the event and presenting to the kids at a later date. Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!


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