Everything Nah Double Double

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farmer-phoneIn Nigeria everything is double double but not the excess “blessing” double double we sing about in church. But rather the double double that protects you from disappointment, the one you use for back-up. I mean the average Nigerian has at least 2 of everything…

2 sim-cards in case one network is down.
2 debit cards in case one bank’s ATM card is malfunctioning.
2 sources of power supply typically an Inverter and Generator and in some cases Solar energy.
2 tanks of fuel, one inside his car and another in a jerry-can stored in his car garage for when fuel scarcity strikes.
Sometimes even 2 babes…but I digress…

The truth is that the average Nigerian has been disappointed so often that he or she has to carry a back-up and in some cases a back-up to the back-up of the back-up. If you tell someone that you don’t have a fourth bank account they will be looking at you crazy.

But who can blame us?!

Our life is like a war … and like a real war we have to think about what the enemy is going to do to frustrate us and counter with a “back-up” plan strategy. That’s how to survive in Nigeria, without your back up plan you will be killed by NEPA, frustrated by fuel scarcity and rendered incommunicado by stuttering networks, so you better have your back-up plan ready!

PS: Do share some of your crazy back-up plans, would love to hear what extent you have gone to ready yourself for disappointment.

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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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20 comments on “Everything Nah Double Double

  1. It’s not just Nigerians in Nigeria, it’s also Nigerians in the Diaspora. We work 9-5, have a business on the side, in case of ‘incasity’ as we say, because if anything happens to that job, the bills will not hear English! They will come for you!
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  2. Maybe you would like to be an actor. But you would go to school for 6 years and study medicine as backup. Or you have a 9-5 job, but you also have a small business on the side.

  3. Iganya on said:

    Back- up money nkoh? Bus fares (with the price of tomato and mudu of rice in the market in tow) change at the smell of fuel scarcity. ‘Have to pay extra on my way to and from work some days. I wish my employer would back up my salary.

  4. I was thirteen years old and in JS3 when I told my dad I wanted to write, the plan was to study English and literature in the university and then write. The man (who’d also read English in uni) said do something in the sciences as backup, if you have talent it will still be there.
    10 + x years later the writing has become the backup.
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  5. Olajumoke Bello on said:

    Well Ofili I have two back up, rechargeable fans for this heat, two back up savings and investment options, two back up fridges, two back up country visas infact the list goes oooooooonnn. Its a fact the Nigerian life sadly.

  6. Amosun olumide on said:

    I love coming here to read articles, it keeps mr inspired,alert and fun-filled but can you create a permanent link by which we can share this articles with our facebook friends? Pls do it asap

  7. Opeyemi on said:

    You have a borehole but still keep like 5 25-litre kegs just in case your pumping machine spoils or there’s no electricity for days and your generator can’t power the pumping machine

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