Even Super Heroes Need A Job

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This is so cute. It’s a series of illustrations showing our favorite American superheroes doing well…everyday jobs with their super powers. I guess in a little way we can use our talents and skills in unorthodox ways to make a real life difference.

Maybe your talents as a super geeky engineer at that top oil and gas company could be used to fight crime in the streets of Nigeria. Or your awesome job as a snazzy graphic designer for that top NewYork magazine could be used to create an online viral poster to create social change and awareness for child labor and abuse in Africa.

Who knows…sometimes we just have to see ourselves in a different light. Go on and be super this weekend!

superman spiderman thor

source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57611440-1/thor-as-metal-factory-worker-superheroes-get-part-time-jobs/

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4 comments on “Even Super Heroes Need A Job

  1. Bros, pleaaase, na beg i dey beg. Abeg release the next installment of Unlikely Heroes na, biko. Which kain punishment be dis? Happy Sunday.

    • Ofili

      Really sorry joor. I have written it down om paper…remain to type it inside computer. Nah How Intelligence Kill dey distract me. It will be up soon.

  2. olawale kareem on said:

    Great jobs… Excerpts frm HOW intelligence kills n all of ur recent posts are indeed great epistles… ‘Of Kao’.
    joooor ! ***

  3. Okay o, we are waiting; for both the article and the book *insert wink*. You can even scan it and post sef, we don’t mind. Keep it up!!!

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