Don’t drink and write…drink and create.

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True story…I created this sketch painting drawing after sipping a glass of Vodka spiked with pineapple juice (lol). The fusion of liquor and creativity combined with my almost drunken state of sleep at 2 am gave birth to this slogan “Don’t drink and write, drink and create.” Ironically it is true, most of my effortless creative touches come when my mind is distracted. So I learn to relax my mind, either by resting or listening to music and it works almost every time. Find your mind distraction mechanism so that you can unleash your creativity today.

WARNING: Ofili only encourages the consumption of alcohol for creative purposes only (not to be confused with procreation purposes)

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11 comments on “Don’t drink and write…drink and create.

  1. Technically, you drank and wrote (on the drawing) … LOL! But, I get your point though.  On another note, I wonder what your slogan would have been if you had spiked the vodka with orange juice or hadn’t spiked it at all … We might never know *smh*

  2. Queenliciouz on said:

    :Hey I believe this is a great piece of work I will deeinftely keep up reading your works, well done. It is very important to have quality contents on the web, we can use them as a reliable source for our projects.I’ve read it with much pleasure and I’m sure I’m gonna read all the other things you will write, well done man!.

  3. Ayodeji on said:

    Great work @ofili, plus what you highlighted ℓ̊ get more creative and productive when my mind is free of hate and worries, more reason why ℓ̊ keep peace with my friends often even when ℓ̊ am right (not always though) ℓ̊ apologise, guess ℓ̊ need a free mind to work productively. Happiness comes with freedom and creativity is a product of happiness.

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