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“On the wall of my office cubicle I have a picture of my Dream Home. People ask me about it all the time…Why is it there? What is it for? Do you think you can afford that? And I just smile…I smile because that picture motivates me to work harder at my ofiispeaks business and every time I stare at that picture, I can visualize my future family relaxing and enjoying LIFE to the fullest and I keep going and I stay motivated. Success Tip: Find a picture that motivates you and keep it at your work desk!”

Written by Ofili at 2:17 am in the middle of editing his second book

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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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11 comments on “Dream

  1. Olabombshell on said:

    It’s funny you brought this up, I have what is called a “possibility board” & basically it entails all the things I want to attain. My future home, a sketch of my future foundation, etc. I believe everyone should have one & it also motivating to see what has been attained on the board. 

    • Love that idea…possibility board…I guess I have a possibility picture =)
      But I do so feel you…visuals keep us motivated and pumped up especially when we feel like giving up. 

  2. Lynda Omerekpe on said:

    Yeah..the extent of your vision determines the depth of your motivation. The more u look at it, d more u’re motivated to work towards making it a reality. Kip it up dear….there’s no limit to what a focused person like u can achieve. Ofili speaks…Kip speaking.

  3. Reallaw on said:

    Way to go! Just bought your book at Laterna Ventures in Lagos. WOW! is the word. It gets better & better as the chapters progress. D excerpt from the book on bellanaija.com didn’t do it justice. Continue reaching for your dreams. 4yrs+ now on my biz & inspired when I see others taking the same route. I’ve been promoting u to my clique on WhatsApp & by txt too. When should we expect the sequel? I’m glad u gave Hugh MacLeod props in the book(cud see u in him by the sketches). Enjoy your weekend 😀

    • lol…I love Hugh! The guy is awesome…he inspired me to write and draw no matter how sucky it seemed. I am currently working on the Manuscript for the next book…coming soon…

  4. Talkovert on said:

    Really good idea………..u have the picture in your head, but sometimes, you look at it (mentally of course!) and its a little blurred. So getting a physical representation might just be the thing………so getting one!

    Thanks Ofili.

  5. fitwoman on said:

    Hi ofili, I have this picture of a fit woman on my phone screen and each time I look at it I’m motivated to keep working out and keep eating right. I have Looooong way to go but the pix keeps me focused. I see myself getting there. Keep dreaming

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