Don’t Be A WHY Person

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Why versus How

Don’t be a why person.

The why person is the one that tells others why things can’t be done, why what you are trying to do violates this policy or that policy. The why person is like a virus that attacks you with all the reasons WHY an idea will not work. Avoid the why person, but more importantly avoid being the why person. Instead be the HOW person!

The person that says, “how can we make this idea work?” versus “why can’t this idea work?”

The one that starts off with how can I make my idea work versus the 100 reasons why my awesome idea won’t work. That simple thinking … that subtle switch between the WHY and the HOW is what separates entrepreneurial action from entrepreneurial inaction.

Be a how person and get your shit started today … by focusing on the how!

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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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12 comments on “Don’t Be A WHY Person

  1. I’m usually why person, its a lot easier and frankly, asking people why makes them sweat and that’s fun to watch. Of course I call it constructive criticism. And then if I like you, I’m always a how person.

  2. What about the WHY person that asks to know what the reason is behind the idea. The guy that challenges you to establish a a cause or belief outside your pockets but with focus on the betterness of people, society and of communities.
    WHY do you get out of bed every morning?
    WHY should anyone care about your idea, product or service?

    • I thought so too. What about the why person who just wants to understand the reason before asking how

      I am a why person, but not the type of why person you described in this article. I just want to understand your idea,thoughts…

  3. Xeno Mbadiegwu on said:

    All what you said here Mr. Ofili, was just what WHY is not, and not what WHY is or can be.

    You’re literally telling us here that, you don’t even know WHY you write in the first place. Now, that’s a pity. Only WHY inspires people to take action.
    I strongly believe that you’re in need of WHY. People may think you write well (HOW) but, how many of them know WHY you write? For WHY is a feeling we carry in our hearts and minds. It energizes us from the inside out. A belief. HOW is just a strategy. A model.

    WHY is a discovery and until you discover it you and your HOW counterparts will never understand.

    Please, if you must know HOW, endeavour to know WHY, too.

  4. Kosara on said:

    I beg to differ. I understand that you may have seen some things as at when you were writing this post, but i believe this is rather one-sided. The truth is, I strongly believe that why things should be done (as opposed to why they shouldn’t) is the reason why entrepreneurs, people generally persevere. Why which stands for reason, is cause related, and causes garner the strongest movements, since they are usually people centred and not individual centred. So again, i beg to disagree with you, for how things should be done isn’t important, but why it should or should not be done should be questioned. “Why” separates greatness from mediocrity. “Why” is what ends wars. “Why” is what changes the world. See Martin Luther King. See Apple. See Facebook. They all exist for a reason.

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