Do You Know a Student Who Deserves Some Recognition?

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I love students especially does who battle through all the shit that the Nigerian educational system throw at them but still come out smiling. Strong, determined students who are making it regardless of circumstances that would ordinarily have detracted others … I want to help out such a student — so do you know any student who fit these characteristics?

Do you know a University or Secondary who is working to make a difference in their life but might need a little financial help to get there? If so, tell me about them below and explain why you think they are someone people should hear about!


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11 comments on “Do You Know a Student Who Deserves Some Recognition?

  1. toyin on said:

    I know oluwatosin adesanya an engineer student in unilag he is determined and a brillent student

    I know the challenge he faces on a daily basics because he has a poor family he hardly even get a manial job to support himself but anyway he get d determination to carry on but I’m thinking sooner or later his dreams of becoming an engineer will go down because of school drop out n to be sincere I don’t know which he is in but d money u promised will go a long way 2 help achieved some of his dreams

  2. Yes, I know a student. His name is Tayo Ashogbon. He is a 400 level student of Physiotherapy at UNILAG. He is studious and volunteers for causes that affects Youths. He is also a community leader, at the age of 20, he was appointed an Executive in his communications to manage levies and mobilise youths to take on community services.

    In between school and community service, he plays the guitar and keyboard to raise funds for school needs. He also volunteers as a music teacher for kids. Last time I spoke with him, he is working with a team of young people to rewrite physiology and psychology processes in Nigeria.

  3. phranscscae on said:

    Yes, I do know of a girl, Chiamaka Obitube, 400 level law student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University. In spite of the fact that she is a law student, she has this passion for technology and she uses it to help her fellow students, from fixing phone issues, electrical faults to helping final year students with their projects. She does all these not because of fun but because she needs to. Her family is not too buoyant enough and she does all these to save money for her law school fees. Recently, she confided in me that she got a loan to buy a printer for two reasons. 1) to make ends meet and 2) to ease students the stress of going out of the hostel to print and she does this at a low cost sometimes for #5. I think she really deserves it because when I see her, I see responsibility, I see future

  4. I know one guy, Victory.

    He is a 500L Medical Student @ Uniport.

    He also blogs…almost daily @ BUT NEEDS FUNDS to get a domain name.

    He has written 1 book, currently writing another. The written one is published on okadabooks BUT NEEDS FUNDS to get it in hard copy.

    He has a Mega idea for the next book – something soooo Nigerian-based, something that he believes will be *actable* like HALF OF A YELLOW SUN and sleeker and full of suspense than GAME OF THRONES.
    BUT NEEDS funds to pull it all off.

    He just launched an online community for his school – it is like a fusion of facebook and nairaland, membership almost @ 50 despite the fact that students have not resumed fully. HE NEEDS FUNDS for the advertisements (he is already currently advertising via Posters (which he has not finished paying for) and he wants to do online adverts (which require funds).

    He has an idea for an app that will help students – doesn’t wanna post the app description here for fear that tha idea will be taken by someone WHO HAS FUNDS.

    He also has another idea for another app that will assist book readers all over Nigeria (NEEDS FUNDS).

    His new class requires textbooks (FUNDS).

    This guy should be someone people should hear about – and give funds to because: HE is like an Idea Synthesizer, He criticizes, questions a lot of things which makes him get Solutions.
    But Ideas need Funds to Materialize… and that is one thing this dude is deficient in – FUNDS!!!

    Thank U.

  5. Chris on said:

    Ronke reads your blog always. When she saw this post she told me she was gonna mail you herself cos she doesnt think anyone would post anything about her. So to disappoint her- Oyeronke Oyebanji is a final year student of Babcock University studying Public health. Currently, Ronke volunteers at a youth health organization on advocacy for Youth SRHR. She has always shown hardwork and dedication in her education. She is a girl who puts herself out there and is always up for a challenge, proving her worth the whole time. She is extremely versatile, engaging herself in student debates (from interdepartmental to national debates..which Babcock University won, with her as one of the speakers), volunteers in church activities and has been an effective member of the literary department of her worship centre. She has been involved in public health programs run both on campus and in the community outside her school, one of such programs run on campus was on addressing issues crucial to adolescent sexual and reproductive health. She with few other classmates paid for airtime on the radio to run the program from their pocket money. She submitted an abstract on this program to The Network: Towards Unity For Health (TUFH). Her abstract was accepted and she has been invited to present it at a conference in South Africa in September but she needs funds to go for the conference and present her paper, this is where I hope you can come in. She is exactly the kind of student you are looking for and I hope she gets your help so that it’s one less smart young Nigerian prospect thrown to the side. Even if Ronke doesn’t get the funds (I pray and pray she does) she deserves some encouragement and recognition. Thank you Ofili.
    P. S. I have known Ronke since our Alevel days and now we’re in our 4th year in Uni

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