Do Not Enter Marriage Without Your Vex Money

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Naira-notesVex money … is that emergency money girls take with them on a first date [typically]!

It is called vex money, because if your date turns out to be a crazy psychopath, you can just vex and leave on your own terms instead of being stranded!

Vex money could be a couple thousands of Naira … just enough to catch a cab or in extreme cases to pay for a Presidential suite hotel room.

Unfortunately as we get more comfortable with the guy and as our relationship grows, we forget to grow our vex money also. And when marriage hits we completely forget about it altogether … because we believe in the fairy tale ending of marriage.

But marriage is not always that way, sometimes (actually 50% of the time per statistics) things can go bad. The angelic man you once loved can suddenly reveal himself to be that crazy psychopathic monster you initially feared or things might just simply not work out. But then it might be too late, especially if you have not grown your vex money from your first date to the couple of hundred thousand or several millions you need to escape a failing marriage.

Now, vex money is not needed all the time, but it makes it easier to get yourself out of a tough situation, a tough relationship, a tough job. When you have sufficient vex money, you have the power to control your destiny, to path your own way so that you are not at the mercy of another person.

So girls out there and guys too, make sure you grow your vex money daily. Grow it in a saving account, investment account or via your side hustle … whatever you do, keep growing your vex money as your relationship grows. So that whenever a situation, person or place is vexing you, you can look into your bank account … just vex and bounce!

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25 comments on “Do Not Enter Marriage Without Your Vex Money

  1. You are very correct. About a month ago, i saw a pretty lady at the front of a popular restaurant with sadness clearly written over her face. On a normal day i will just mind my business but i went straight to her to ask if she was rob or something bad happened to someone dear to her? To cut a long story short. She came from a nearby town to meet a facebook friend but his numbers where no more going through. The thing is she gat no t-p to return back home. The scene was just like one of our nollywood movie to me because i could hardly believe what she told me(why u nor carry vex money follow body? is the question i would have ask her if i had seen this post prior to that encounter lol). As a good nigerian, i gave her the t-p she will need back home and warn her against such movement in the future else she might be unlucky and be a victim of unforeseen circumstance. The summary of this post is please always set aside your vex money in any area of your life so that you will not be left stranded.
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  2. Very, very important!

    I read a reply on a post on side hustle where the girl was saying she is 26 and of marriageable age, so she just might not need a side hustle.
    Biko, how does getting married translate into your not having your own money.
    When kasala burst now, them go dey regret. Mba! Not for me.
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  3. No relationship is sacrosanct, although the focus seems to be romantic relationships your post applies to all relationships even a parent-child relationship. Never be wholly dependent on another person for any reason.
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  4. I think a lot of the arrogance we men often have stems from the financial dominance the ladies so graciously allowed us to have. Now that they are stepping up and becoming CEOs, we are threatening to offer no marriage to the financially independent ladies because our egos are hurt by the appearance of their success (actually, we could be such kids sometimes, crying because we’ve seen the ladies carrying toys we don’t yet have).

    Abeg jor, what I say to my friends is: #PrettyGirlsSucceed #PrettyGirlsDrive (even when I’m trekking back home from church) #PrettyGirlsRockStillettos #PrettyGirlsMakeHumilityPretty … or more tailored to this post #PrettyGirlsCarryVexMoney
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  5. Emeka, i wish your optimism was the reality. Many women with zilch/nada/no single kobo of vex money are trapped in relationships that are abusive to their life, health and dignity.
    And they die a little bit more everyday
    Every woman must take responsibility for their destiny. The foolishness of men as a meal ticket is nothing short of suicide…shine ya eye!

    • Heshar, it’s not just about faith in marriage. No one likes to think about the death of a spouse but we all know it can happen. Do you know how difficult it is to access a dead person’s bank account even with a valid will stating the beneficiary of the money in that account, or how hard it is to collect the cash on a life insurance policy, or death benefits from the company of the deceased. If the person works in a government facility then it will take at least a year or two.
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  6. Onome on said:

    Quite frankly, having vex money is the best. In every aspect of your life pls, pls and pls, keep and grow your vex money. My mum for instance, has her vex money and vex house. Believe me when I say she is very happy. Be sensible and take responsibility for your happiness. I have my vex money…working on my vex business.

  7. Nice post. Vex money in terms of dating is so needed. I never used to joke wit it but as a married woman now i will tell u Ofili that marriage is more than this. A woman should never go into marriage with the intention of gathering her vex money so she can move incase anything goes wrong. Marriage is a sacred institution ordained by God himself. Read through the bible and see and understand Gods plans for marriage. Its the devil that has turned things around with divorce and all that. It was never meant to be in the first place. How can a woman go into marriage with vex money mentality? Because you already have such a mindsect, that marriage can never work. The devil will capitalise on it and ensure the time to use your vex money comes up. Please lets not spread wrong mindsect around. Words are powerful seeds. Women and Men when you go into marriage first of all ensure that GOD is the foundation of that marriage and you both make up your mind that it is either this marriage works or it works! It has to work. Marriage is beautiful, sweet and aweaome. You deserve to experience the beauty of marriage for the rest of your lives. When a woman is making lots of money in marriage, its not for vex money please. Its for your husband to be proud of his prospering wife, for you to he able to be there to support your family financially. Thats why God is blessing you. Becauase a woman is a strong force in her home. Enough said. I pray God himself passes the message to you all even better than i intend it to.

  8. Lol! Asin Ehhnn…. We Ladies need dat Vex More, Bcuz guys disappoints in relationship and even in marriage leaving the woman and children helpless.

  9. Didn’t have a name for it then, but around 2008, my boss started misbehaving and it was getting worse daily, I just looked @ my account (vex money) and resigned without another job in sight! #VexMoneyAllTheWay

  10. Mr faradara on said:

    Thumbz up Ofili… I fink itz time for ‘vex career’ ‘vex chick/babe’ infakt ‘vex lyf’… In summary, have a plan B, C, D and E if possible. Leave Ur life not to chance but to plans

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