Dear President Social Media Is Not The Enemy

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So I am browsing the internet, when I stumble across the statement below. Originally I thought it was from a Chinese government official, but upon further reading I realized that it was sadly from my Nigerian government. The statement reads:

“The Special Adviser to the President on Special Duties and Social Development Matters, Mrs Sarah Pane, has said that the negative use of the social media by Nigerian youths is impacting negatively on the country’s image. She added that denigrating Nigerian leaders through the medium has become a pastime of the youths to the extent that the Nigerian President has become the most insulted in the world.”

Statements like this worry me, because it makes me realize that in this day and age…people (politicians and businesses alike) still don’t get social media. Social media is not a magical tool that alters your character when it feels like and neither is it like print media where you can pay millions of manipulative naira to get adverts touting your good work when you have not done ish[sic].

Rather Social media is a truth amplification tool, one that works to amplify your true characteristics and traits…whether positive or negative. So if you are an asshole in real life, social media will simply make you a bigger asshole, it cannot and will not transform you into an angel.  Alternatively, if you have done positive things for your community, state or country, social media will share those positive things you have done with the world but at an amplified rate. This is why social media has been so successful in political revolutions of late, because it simply focuses on the truth. It cannot be controlled, bought or silenced…you can only influence it, by what you do in real life. It will not and does not operate like a generator (pun intended) that can be switched on and off when one feels like. In other words, you cannot turn social media on when you want to get elected and then turn it off when it seems to be hampering your re-election chances. (another pun intended).

So the next time the Nigerian government or any government for that matter reads several negative tweets about their administration or begin to see themselves trend negatively, they should not criticize the media used to voice that opinion! That is craziness and would be like blaming copper wire for the electrical problems of Nigeria (pun intended again)…But rather they should shift their focus away from the medium of communication and back to the source of the complaint. By so doing they establish credibility within themselves for wanting to hear the voices of the people instead of attempting to drown the voices, after all social media is not responsible for the bad roads, lack of electricity or corruption, we already know who is responsible for that…

PS:If you have any experiences of people or organizations trying to manipulate social media to their benefit, do share.

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23 comments on “Dear President Social Media Is Not The Enemy

    • Nasiru on said:

      Hi Mr Ofili,
      u hv bn doing pretty well, expecially in the area of interprenuership which I find interesting bcos, I cannot deny beeing benefited from your wealth of experience with regards to your Emails. Having said that, it pleases me (and those millions of your readers) I am sure that your Social Media is not and can never ever be manipulated by any individual or corporate body to promote false images or political statement of any kind to suit a particular Govt or politicians. May be the Special Assistant to the President on Special Duties and Social Development Matters thought the down trodden masses of Nigeria are all in PDP.Papa Deceiving Pikin or People Destroying People which ever meaning one give the PDP lead Govt under GEJ is ok. But one for sure is this, if you do your home work well, you will come out with flying colour in your Exams, no need of paying Million of Naira in Ghana Must Go Bags through the night to anybody to know that you have done well. That is why the Nigerian Govt. and it’s lips services officials always lag behind in keeping with the realities and miss the point whenever issues of National interest are discussed. The Nigerian Govt and PDP for that matter should as a matter of fact learnt from othr Developed Nations how to govern and not how to loot the Treasury as being withness currently, bcos those people who champion development of their respectives Countries have no two Heads.

  1. happyhausabunny on said:

    I rilly dnt get our leaders tho…last I checked we were practicing DEMOCRACY! Nigeria is NOT a communist state whr govt monitors n controls evry aspect of 1s life. Social Media is lyk d only way 4 us, frustrated Nigerians 2 vent n rant n call out our incompetent leaders…if dese so called leaders did deir jobs rather milk us dry wld we go on evry social network 2 vent! Dey shld quit smoking d@ camel poo dey r smoking, it’s messing wit deir heads! So dey want us 2 sit down n watch rob us n say nothing! Bunch of jokers! Even peaceful protests ppl do, govt sends out police n army 2 teargas ppl, I mean who does d@! Until dey start performing b4 dey get praises. Nonsense bunch…ow will controlling social media stop all d violence, wat r dey doin 2 stop boko haram, d inter ethnic violence, improving d standard of education n health care? Tlk about misplaced priorities. Shame


    Since the social media has become a tool for the oppressed, our corrupt leaders should be prepare to wash their dirty linen in public glear.

  3. It saddens my heart to see this… is this a pressing issue for the President, tell me one good person that the general populist thinks and have fact that he/she is bad? Maybe Jonathan.
    Who has given the country a bad name? Someone who has a Ph.D.. and cant articulate a message in simple English neither can he address his Country without a sheet of paper, except of cos the few times he successfully made a fool of himself.
    Help my memory, a first lady that has ranked top in worse spoken English with two certificates. One of the certificate was awarded by the national body the award teachers (NCE) and the other from a prestigious University. Or do we mention a State Civil Servant who has been on sabbatical only to resume after 15years. According to Wikipedia, Patience left the Ministry to the banking sector in 1997 where she established the first community bank in Port Harcourt called the Akpo Community Bank only to return 15 years later to be the Permanent Secretary.
    Please help me here are we suppose to put out social media or put out the First Family who takes the nation as a joke and brings it to the media in a bad way.

  4. Brilliant article. You said it just the way it is. My only worry is that some of us abuse the use of the social media. Because everyone wants to break the news first, people send out messages without even verifying and some of the messages are capable of triggering violence in the land.

    • You are right. However, traditional media for all their checks and balances have made numerous mistakes. Case in point CNN making an error with the supreme court ruling on the Obama’s healthcare. Everyone wants to break the news first, but if you do it (make mistakes) repeatedly you will lose your credibility and people will eventually stop listening to what you say. So I think it works itself out in the end.
      Okechukwu Ofili latest post is Dear President Social Media Is Not The EnemyMy Profile

  5. Gbola Agboluaje on said:

    Our problem with our leaders is they are not honest with them self talk less of being sincere and honest to their citizen. The moment you tell them their. Attributes you are talk negatice about them but their supporter praise that positive statement but wether they like it or not true statement about them must said

  6. Well written article… your point remains very valid also. Its time for us to revolt against the insanity that seeks to continually make Nigerians look like fools…

  7. simgrace on said:

    This is so on point! “Social Media is an amplifier”. They should consider themselves lucky for getting just insults. They still haven’t gotten the fact that the youths are waking up for their slumber. This is just the beginning, they’d better gotten their acts together and do what they were voted to do. Jokers!

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Exactomaly [sic] all social media does is amplify, amplify and amplify. Hopefully our leaders understand this….hopefully =/

  8. Ofili, you have made some honest points.
    Permit me to point out that a social media platform like Twitter is not an excuse for young folks to unlearn the virtues that was imprinted upon them as children.
    We have loads of persons abusing endlessly without care.
    It is totally wrong and I will not be glad to go through my Child’s timeline and find out that the virtue of respect he/she learnt as a growing child are no more because he/she wants to complain about the shortcomings of the leaders of the nation.
    I have your sketch that reads thus “You do not need a cape to be a super hero, you only need SOCIAL MEDIA” and I totally agree.
    I also know that most super heroes are constructive and not destructive.
    Thank you truly.

    • Blossom, thanks for your response again. I saw the same response you put on Ynaija. The purpose of this article is not to say that insulting your President is OK, there are always better ways to express disappointment. However, I do not agree with the administrations plan of action to call for a sublime censorship of social media, without at any time acknowledging the reasons why people might be insulting or castigating him. People don’t wake up and just start hurling insults.

      Lastly, all presidents whether American, UK, Venezuela…gbogbu e have been and will be insulted, what defines them is how the react to those insults. Some use it to make themselves better, while others use it as an excuse to limit freedom of press.
      Okechukwu Ofili latest post is Dear President Social Media Is Not The EnemyMy Profile

  9. I don’t think the Nigerian president has really been insulted or black labelled as such. We must allow progress for the sake of progress and this means using the social media as a key tool in receiving and sending original news that has not being in a any way tampered with or altered. Of course there are those who still misuse the internet and post rubbish on daily basis. If the president was really concerned about social media misuse, shouldn’t he be improving the lifestyle and careers of his people first? An happy and satisfied nation rarely insults their president it seems.

  10. I couldn’t agree more with this post. The government should come to terms with the fact that they can’t control everything. They should have known that one of the unwritten criterias of becoming a govt official is thick skin. If you don’t want to hear it, don’t listen or better still, stop doing whatever it is people are complaining about.
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