Cut Thru The BS

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The path to Success is very simple and straightforward. Unfortunately, many of us tend to get caught up in a web of excuses! Excuses why we are not where we want to be, excuses why we are not yet successful, excuses why we don’t have enough time on our hands! Excuses over excuses over excuses…

I had dinner a while back with a good friend of mine, let’s call him Smith (not his real name) at Grand Lux (not the real restaurant). He was going on and on about how little time he had to get stuff done. He didn’t have time for classes, for his family and even for himself…he was stretched extremely thin. I felt really sorry for him…until he started talking about the number of girls he was dating. There was in one New York, one in California, another one in Washington and even one in Europe! Despite his seemingly busy schedule, he still had enough time to weave and bob his way through an influx of relationships…no wonder he never had enough time!

Sometimes we just have to get rid of the obvious side distractions that hinder us on our way to success and CUT THRU THE BULLSHIT!

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