What The Critics Said About The Ish I Wrote

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So I posted my manuscript on elance.com on Monday in hopes of finding an editor for my new book. But boy was I blown away by the responses to the manuscript. I received over 73 proposals from all across the world. Yikes!

But it was not just the numbers that made me YIKES, it was what they said about the book. Even though I wrote it from a Nigerian perspective for Nigerians, it was still able to resonate miles away with people I had never seen or meet. Maybe they (the editors) were sweet talking me cause they wanted me to pick theirs bids, who knows. Whatever the case the comments were quite smashing…

And O might I add that I sent it out to like 20 of my friends. Normally my friends don’t read my manuscripts (I love you guys) but this time they are actually reading it. This must be a sign…

Anyway enough of my bragging blabbing here is some of what the critics said about the ish I wrote:

You currently have twenty three proposals and growing by the second. Usually I would bypass your job because of this. However, I am in love with your subject matter and would be delighted for the opportunity to work on your manuscript. –elance.com editor

I got to work by 6:47am today (the best way to avoid traffic) and had my breakfast by 7:15am but instead of a bowl of Kellogg’s Fruit and Fibre, I ate a big bowl of “How Intelligence Kills” served on a Dell Inspiron mini. It was a good read. I enjoyed every part of it, I loved the way it went against belief systems we hold dear and exposed the poison gland. We suspected its existence but were too lazy to locate it and suck it out. I salute your courage to go against the norm and hope more people will catch the vibe and move beyond talking about revolutions to actually leading one even with the glaring reality that you may be the only soldier in your army for a while. –Ngozi Ilondu of http://www.wyrbo.blogspot.com/

Omg, the church chapter is funny! And your mum sounds fiery. My own parents are not spiri-koko cause popsi is a muslim. So the whole tolerance and moderation stuff is practiced in my house. Oh and I thought it was just me that used to have that “something is choking me” dream. Lwkmd. Funny how I stopped seeing demons and they all went away. Lol. And yes! Those bloody questions “did you go to church? Did you pray for me?” Na wetin?! RED

I have reviewed your sample and I am very interested in copyediting and proofreading this manuscript. I am intrigued by your writing. This is very original and I would be honored to work with you to prepare your manuscript for print. –elance.com editor

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6 comments on “What The Critics Said About The Ish I Wrote

  1. Yeah! I have to comment on this (first time commenting though). Congrats bro, can’t wait for the book to be out (I pray I get an autographed copy *winks*).
    I have been scooping through this site for 3 days (trying to be a ninja *ghost mode*) and am gradually becoming addicted to your originality & natural way of writing.
    Keep up with the good work. #NewNigeria

  2. Hi Okechukwu, I read your blogs…… Very likable, relatable and honest and boldly calling as it is!

    I want to talk about the “hush-hush” about abuse in Nigeria, it’s really an unfortunate topic that everyone wants to forget about, it resonate so much with me because it’s a personal story I can relate to. The world sometimes goes numb until an incident like it rears its ugly head, like the recent story in India about the medical student who was raped in a bus in Mumbai India. That sent shock waves round the world that, this sort of behavior lives …..It needs to be exposed and disarmed!!
    Abuse/rape ~ battery (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battery_ (crime), at any point in life is not acceptable and needs to be dealt with. There is healing and hope, but before that we must own up to it, that it has happened and we want to change.

    Ndidi Victorious
    For more info http://www.theturningpoint.org/
    Ndidi Eche latest post is How to create effective Customer service awareness in a third world company- Trgeted towards Nigerian Health care for NursesMy Profile

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