Why Don’t All Planes Have Parachutes?

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I wrote this article on a plane..asking myself the question: “Why is it that there are no parachutes on an airplane?” Sadly, these are the kind of crazy things I think about when I am flying…instead of watching The Avengers or counting sky sheep. Maybe it is something about the high altitude that stimulates my mind, who knows…

But back to the question, why is it that there are no parachutes in airplanes?” I mean we have life vests but not parachutes. If I am 30,000 feet above rock solid ground, a life vest will be the last thing I will want to be clinging to as we crash land…that’s like going to the Artic with ice packs! In reality though…parachutes on planes will probably trigger the wrong reactions amongst passengers, people will probably be clutching their parachutes at the slightest sign of any turbulence in the air. And let’s imagine that the turbulence is indeed real and that the plane was actually going to go down, people would have to line up and jump off the plane one after the other and you can imagine how chaotic that would be. Parents will have to clutch their children and jump and children travelling alone will have to…err never mind.

OK ok…So if we can’t have parachutes for every passenger on a plane, what about a great huge parachute for the entire plane. I mean if the plane losses power and needs to land, it could slow itself down mid-air, then transform into a compact block of steel Decepticon style (but this time for good and not evil) and then just like the NASA space shuttle capsule land on the ground with a large parachute cushioning its fall.  While we are at it we could even have a safety vest for the plane so that plane does not sink in case it lands on the sea…and then what about…

OK, the idea is kinda crazy…I know. But most ingenious inventions start from crazy questions, which evolve into crazy ideas and then crazy sales pitches to perplexed business owners who crazily fund the ideas against the wishes of other more experienced business members who tell them to stop being crazy. But it is through these crazy questions that we have great inventions such as the remote control, because someone dared to ask why…why can’t we magically control our TV sets without getting off the couch. And then someone else asked why…why can’t we have a pillow explode out of a steering wheel to save people’s lives and then call them airbags. And yet another asked why…why an industry suffering from mismanagement and piracy could not get organized on the internet so that actors, directors and producers could get paid for their hard-work. It was this type of questioning that led to the creation of a certain site called iroko.tv!

It is because of these crazy questions that the world evolves and becomes better. So keep asking those questions no matter how crazy it might seem…just ask. Because you never know where your crazy question might take you.

IN MEMORY of the 2012 Dana Aircrash victims, which stimulated an interesting conversation between myself and Segun Akin-Olugbade about the possibility of equipping airplanes with parachutes…

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15 comments on “Why Don’t All Planes Have Parachutes?

  1. Aaaargh, you changed the site design, guess it’ll grow on me in time.

    I’ve learnt to embrace all my ideas, no matter how crazy they seem, who knows if/when they’ll yield return, and even if they never do, they lead to other things.
    Sisi Jacobs latest post is Bridal BluesMy Profile

  2. Cool stuff. I already have a note pad where i literally write down all ideas that come to mind no matter how crazy lol. Who knows? After all, Ideas rule the world.

  3. Alex Douglas on said:

    Inspiring and motivating stuff, i can’t just think of how many good ideals could come up and how one can change and turn things around the world by asking crazy questions. And i could hsay that it is not just about been crazy but rather get mad as someone says ” mad ness is the loftiest inteligence and evry profound effort springs from a disease of thouggth exalted above the general intelect………. around

  4. Benjamin on said:

    Dear Ofili, believe me am one guy with lot’s of crazy ideas and who knows i would be telling the world how i kept on to this dream or that dream that would eventually sell me.

    About a plane having a big parachute itself, who says it aint possible…..i have had that thought/ideas a long time now. It’s air up there and a parachute that big needs a projecting force , the air we have at that height would surely bring the mass covering effect….with time we will be worrying less about air mishaps. lol
    Well done for your thoughtful notes.

  5. An idea is always crazy, when it is transform into reality it becomes a crazy whao!
    This is a nodge to keep record of my crazy ideas.
    God bless you sir!

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