The Sexy But Extreme Book Cover Makeover

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So sometime early this year I stumbled upon the works of Karo Oforofuo via Mary Okeke’s African book blog (awesome blog by the way).

Anyway, I sent her an email like I always do when I see writing talent.

In the email I asked if she would love to share her works on Most of the times people ignore me…but she didn’t. She said she was interested and like we always say at okadabooks…she jumped on the okadabooks ride and drove it across third mainland bridge never looked back.

Since then she has uploaded over 15 books and is easily one of our top-selling, top grossing and most popular authors.

So last week I wanted to do something special for her… not just because she believed in us but because she sells.

I wanted to create a graphical advert using the cover pictures of her top-selling book the Susan Diary Series. So I asked for her to send me the high-resolution cover pictures of all her books. And this is a sample of what she sent…

SD seies two 1

Now I had seen the cover before, but that was on my small phone screen. I was hoping that in the blown up version of my laptop it would look much sexier but it didn’t…basically Susan was dulling on the cover.

So I sent a quick email to Karo asking is I could sexy Susan up by working on a new sexier cover. Again she agreed. So this past weekend at Starbucks (just imagine Mr. Biggs with wi-fi and good snacks) I started working on her cover. And in less than 40 minutes, using everything I shared in this article How To Design A Sexy Book Cover Like Britney Spears (Part 1)  I had created this cover.

Microsoft Word - KARO COVER

I was nervous…I did not know if she would like it or hate it. Some authors can be difficult with their requests (cough cough). But she loved it! The only thing she said was that she wanted to make the lettering much bolder. So last night I played around on my computer for about 20 minutes and came up with this modified design.


Which thanks to Karo push back is actually better than the first. So with this design in place I was finally able to create that advert that I originally talked about. Now tell me that is not a sexy makeover!

facebook advert karo-7x

Anyway, the reason I am writing this is not to talk about sex … sadly. But to talk about how we as Entrepreneurs can leverage simple everyday tools (Microsoft word) to create startling impacts to our businesses.

These little skills, like the one I used here can help you save a lot of money when starting out and funds are low. With these skills I have been able to save thousands of dollars we would have ordinarily spent hiring a graphic designer.

Now that does not mean that you or me will be able to do everything a professional graphic designer can do. But there are several tools out there that we can leverage while we are starting out, while our businesses have not yet made money,while we are still broke that can allow us hang with the big timers. That’s one of the many keys to entrepreneurial success …

Finding the cheap but clean solutions. Using to design your website before hiring a professional designer, using Microsoft Excel to manage your accounts before using an expensive accountant and using Microsoft Word to design out that book cover before hiring a Graphic designer.

The key message is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to be sexy!

PS: If you want me to do the part 2 of this article How To Design A Sexy Book Cover Like Britney Spears (Part 1) let me know below. Nobody asked for it so I just assumed people were not interested. And do check out Susan’s Diary on

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19 comments on “The Sexy But Extreme Book Cover Makeover

  1. Adelowo Oreoluwa on said:

    Ofili Igwwwweeee! Nice idea, Nice work, Nice thoughts too! Loool, its really a make Over!

  2. Say what!? I have been waiting for the part 2, checking my bbm updates to see a broadcast on it.
    Please do a part 2, spill all the ofili magic for us.

  3. 'Livia on said:

    ‘Thousands of dollars we’d have ordinarily spent hiring a graphic designer…” *evil graphic designers!
    So writers are more difficult than not. I’ve always wondered…

  4. Okay, errrrm…. where do I start?

    Actually, I had been thinking of getting a new book cover for the Susan’s Diary Series, but, I didn’t have the time neither could I think of anyone to give the job to.

    Thank you so much Mr. Ofili. I am truly greatful. That cover girl completely potrays the Susan I wrote about.

    But wait o….. Third Mainland Bridge? Lolz.
    Karo Oforofuo latest post is Trapped; The Underworld (Chapter Two)My Profile

  5. Whew! now I’m blown off. d Makeover is truly beautiful. OK seriously offili I’ve been waiting for d part 2 of that post, funny to think you were also waiting for us (readers) to request! well you didn’t state that condition in d part one. so We await part two Biko.

  6. Cool design.. Soft skills are the future. I blogged on for over a year and i created the self-hosted from the scratch. These soft skills really matter.. they. should. not. be. taken. for. granted.

  7. Thank you soooo much for this!
    But it’s 2015 Ofili…tried to check for the part two on how to design a book cover…you didn’t get around to writing it?
    pleaseeeee do…

    And thank you so much for this info, it’s priceless. Let me play around with my msword, I had no idea that I could use that, I have been begging my graphic designer friends who have been “fasheing” me.
    But not any more!

    Thank you!

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