Corrupt Ex-Minister Visits Vice President To Appeal

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2Today the Vice-President Prof Osinbajo received lots of guests at the Presidential Villa in Abuja … including hard core politicians like El’Rufai and influential artistes like Davido.

But one of the guests he received who was mysteriously not pictured on any of the blogs for security/confidentiality reasons was an ex-minister of the past administration.

Details of their discussion is slowly coming out and it is quite shocking from what I heard.

It is actually believed that said ex-minister visited the VP to appeal for leniency in exchange for revealing the names of several of his colleagues involved in siphoning billions of Nigerian money overseas.

It is revealed that over $170 billion of Nigeria’s money was diverted into the personal accounts of several members of the past administration through a very complex sabotage scheme.

What makes this revelation most interesting , is because it aligns almost perfectly with US claims to Buhari in July that as much as $150 billion had been stolen from public treasury by officials of Goodluck Jonathhan ‘s administration.

In addition to that, the timing is impeccable … with the Nigerian courts set to open in September him might be able to save himself court embarrassment but by sacrificing his ex-colleagues. Whatever the case … it looks like there will be a lot of legal fireworks happening in the courts in a few weeks time. For obvious reasons, nobody can identify the minister now … actually they can’t identify him ever because I just made this entire shit up!

Lesson … don’t believe every article you read and don’t believe everything you hear, use your head or use google. And remember you are not a mumu. THE END

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12 comments on “Corrupt Ex-Minister Visits Vice President To Appeal

  1. Okee Jr. on said:

    Okechukwu you no serious at all. This was a good read too. I fell for it but lesson learnt. Thank you Sir.

  2. SherlockO on said:

    As soon as I saw the figure of $170M I said to myself “Ofili must be losing his brain because that figure is above our budget for the last 6 years.” Relieved to find that I can continue reading your posts…good one

  3. Opeyemi on said:

    Lol.. Totally fell for it. . Just goes to show how easy it is to believe bad news about our politicians

  4. On Monday, he ordered her to stand trial on charges of receiving bribes from businessmen to evade import duties. The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that Congress has the power to remove Perez Molina’s immunity from prosecution as a sitting president.

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