The New And Unsexy Coke Advert

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88.9 FM Morning Advert Heard On My Way To Work Today

Sound of car engine failing to start as the ignition is turned repeatedly
Transitions to voice of female, who proclaims her cluelessness as to why car does not start
Then voice of re-assuring male comes on, tells lady with a loud mocking laugh, you need to put the car in ignition to start
Lady smiles and laughs, her prince charming has just saved the day
She puts key in ignition and car roars to start
And then the kicker…
A message from Coke

When life throws you obstacles, don’t fret, just get a bottle of Coke!

What misogynistic nonsense!
Is this the crap we send to our people on our radio waves?
That a Lady needs a Man to tell her how to start her car?
And that the basic skill of “driving” is somehow a life obstacle that a bottle of coke can fix?

That’s why I am a feminist
That’s why I wrote a book about a girl kicking Royal ass and rocking natural hair
Because misogynistic shit like this cannot be my daughters reality!


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10 comments on “The New And Unsexy Coke Advert

  1. Seyi on said:

    Another thing I don’t get is if she didn’t put the key in the ignition how come there was the sound of the engine failing to start? Magic? Asides that they are saying ladies are dumb to the extent that we don’t know we have to put the key in the ignition?

  2. Tosin on said:

    Lool! I blame the nut heads and the ad agency that even came up with the concept and whoever approved it. This goes beyond feminism. They’re just bozos.

    • Seyi on said:

      Oh yeah, I forgot to write that. The company ought to sack the people involved for the stupidity of the advert asides the feminism. I don’t see how coke came into play in the advert

  3. The advert doesn’t make sense: She owns a car but doesn’t know how to start it?
    The engine coughs up & dies when the key wasn’t in ignition, was she hot wiring the car?
    & how is a car taking time to start an obstacle?
    & above all, where was COKE in this whole chain of events?
    Or are they saying the re-assuring mocking male is COKE?
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  4. Sniff of coke, more like…don’t see how a bottle of coke will make something stupid feel better!

  5. Ofili you are just a freak writer and very sensitive to matter that is disparaging female. Nowadays ad on TV & Radio are just boredom and it can be annoying I looked into the ad I saw nothing but but head initiatives. Coca cola Management should look into the ad with immediately effect or I ban me and my household to stop patronizing their product.

    Thanks Ofili for your scrutiny observations.


  6. Opeyemi on said:

    Thank you!! Just heard the advert today and my first thought was ‘this is so wrong’ plus the lady was trying to start the car, meaning the key was in the ignition!!

  7. I have not seen/listened to the Ad, but from the comments, I can decode that it doesn’t resonate with a lotta people. When it comes to CSR, little things counts. The story you are telling and how you go about telling it and even the medium can make or break your brand. And you don’t just make decisions anyhow. Survey is important. Make I no use up all the comment space. Thanks for always taking note of small things like this. Stay awesome man.
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