Class 5: Unlikely Heroes, Unlikely Powers, Unlikely Circumstance (Part IV) #ofilix

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The Okada Riders Special Son

It has been said that most revolutions are not caused by revolutionaries in the first place, but by the stupidity and brutality of governments. -Sean MacStiofan

class 5tThere are 20 people in the world on record with hyperthymesia. I think I am the 21st! #ofilix

I know, what the heck is hyperthymesia? Well let’s just say I can remember every single day of my life since birth! #ofilix

Like everything! Give me a date, any date and I will tell you exactly what I wore, whether it rained and how many times I sat down. #ofilix

I have had this extraordinary condition ever since i was a child. In fact…I can remember being pulled out of my Mum’s vagina. #ofilix

It was at LUTH hospital and there was no light, just candles. #ofilix

You hear about babies born with bibles, rosaries and korans…well I was born with an incredible memory. #ofilix

I know what you are thinking. “Boy you must be lucky!” But I am not, because with the good memories…come the bad ones… #ofilix

Remembering every detail profoundly…means I also re-experience the pain as well. Like the morning of October 22nd. to be contd… #ofilix

Just joking. #ofilix

October 22nd, 1993. My father a proud okada driver. One of the only men who felt pride in driving an okada (sigh) #ofilix

As he does every morning, he was dropping me off at my primary school. #ofilix

I clung to his back as I always did. As he navigated the rough and rugged…almost non existent roads of Port-harcourt. #ofilix

I clung to him tightly as only a young 10 year old would. We were almost at the school gate when we got stopped by police officers #ofilix

They wanted to inspect my Dad’s papers. His okada papers. I guess they did not know my dad. Meticulous was his nick name #ofilix

All his papers were neatly packaged and stapled together. Nothing was amiss. The officers searched and searched for something. #ofilix

That missing thing that officers mysteriously search for. That excuse to seize a bike and extort money. But nothing. #ofilix

He handed the papers back to my Dad and we began heading towards school. We had almost reached school when I heard “Oga!” #ofilix

“Oga come here” “why is your tail light broken?” #ofilix

My Dad put the okada to a screeching halt in near disbelief. “Broken tail light? but the light still works” he responded. #ofilix

But the officers were having none of that. They had found their morning breakfast. Their Milo and Tea. And it was my Dad. #ofilix

Before I could say NEPA. We were surrounded by 3 officers and thrown off the bike. But my Dad…he hung on. #ofilix

He held on to that bike, like his life depended on it. Because it did. That was all our family had. That one bike. #ofilix

But did the officers care? No. They just pulled the bike, dragging my Dad along with it…hoping that he would let go. #ofilix

BN-Photo-Stories_-Episode-4-50-600x400But he didn’t. And then it happened. First a push, and then a punch, and then a kick. But my Dad still held on. And they continued. #ofilix

Beating, punching, trying to separate my Dad from his bike. As the entire school watched and I stood there…ashamed and angry. #ofilix

I would like to say my Dad fought of the police officers like Jackie Chan. Or some good Samaritan came to help. #ofilix

But this was Nigeria. Shit like that never happens. My Dad lay there beaten, bruised and humbled. Beaten like a dog. #ofilix

And for what. A cracked tail light? a freaking tail light. #ofilix

Thanks to hyperthymesia…I remember every second, every detail of that event. In fact it plays in my head over and over again. #ofilix

My dad, the one who always preached honesty, hardwork and respect. But what did he get in return? Fuck honesty! #ofilix

On the flip side, my memory has gotten me through school easily. I mean with a Nigerian system that encourages cramming…i excel. #ofilix

I just memorize my class notes and regurgitate it during exams and am done. A’s all the way. #ofilix

That’s why i got the highest score in the national common entrance exam and got a full scholarship to Adams Private Academy. #ofilix

Under normal circumstances the son of an okada driver will not dream of being here. But I am. #ofilix

Quite frankly I find the school boring, the teachers fake & students…weird. Its no surprise,I skip class a lot for more fun things #ofilix

and no, not chicks or smoking or all that kind of stuff. I like putting stuff together…gadgets. #ofilix

I once retrofitted my Dad’s okada to run of vegetable oil, after reading about alternate energy in a book. made a lot of money. #ofilix

But no one believed us…they actually laughed at us. O well…their loss. #ofilix

Today i skipped English class. I can’t stand that teachers fake accent. Always wanted to sound more british than James Bond. #ofilix

I need to find a pressure transducer…to finish up my latest device… It would be a crazy device…my greatest invention yet. #ofilix

The only thing is how do I get back to school without getting caught? to be continued. #ofilix

Class 5 if a tweet fiction story written live on twitter by @ofilispeaks…this is just the beginning

PHOTO CREDIT: Bayo Omoboriowo Twitter: @BayoOmoboriowo | Blog: | Facebook Page: Bayo Omoboriowo

ofilixOfilix is the untapped fictional half of @ofilispeaks. ofilix is 33.54% human and 66.46% mutant and still mutating. His powers…the uncanny ability to fuse real life world with the fictional world seamlessly and project them across the world wide internet. He has no twitter account or facebook page and abhors instagram. ofilix believes in equality and democracy but is willing to go to extreme limits to ensure that justice prevails, even if it means trampling on the rights of the truly evil!



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12 comments on “Class 5: Unlikely Heroes, Unlikely Powers, Unlikely Circumstance (Part IV) #ofilix

  1. Ata Wewe on said:

    Ohmygawd,Ofili! See how u are talking about the unlawful bruising! I cried my eyes out,but am sure it hurt then.Sorry u had to experience such as a child!Anyway, congrats on ur successful kickstarter campaign.It brought me to ur blog 4 d 1st time.I peruse KS and Indiegogo everyday and I was so proud to finally see a Nigerian flying our flag!U r a model to youngsters.Weldone!

  2. Ata Wewe on said:

    @Ofilix, Ofili is the first 5 letters of your name. If u still don’t get it,go back to space and take over and never return!

  3. Worship and Swag on said:

    Police brutality. That memory will linger even for folks with not-so-exceptional memories. You write powerfully. [Deep sigh] P.S. I know it says tweet fiction but…any part here inspired by personal experiences? lol 😛

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