Change Does Not Happen In The Booth

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malalaWhen I was young I used to believe that being a Super Hero was easy. Just jump into a phone booth, put on my cape and fly out to where the problem is and fix it with my Super human powers! Gbam take that evil man!

But when I grew older I realized that being a super hero was hard, I did not have super powers and fighting problems without super powers was kinda tough!

It involved getting shot in the head just because you wanted to fight for the right of girls to go to school. It involved being imprisoned in your own land by visitors because you believed in the equality of man. It involved death…like MLK taking a bullet type death.

To be honest, in the real world Super-hero was hard … but super heroes all had one thing in common. They effected change. Super-heroes changed the life of people around them by being willing to fight for what they believed in even without having super powers.

But that word change has been watered-down to just a simple act…a one time action.

“Do this and change will happen” they said …

Making us believe that change was easy like Superman easy but it’s not.

It does not involve voting and going to sleep for 4 years only to wake up and scream CHANGE all over again! Change involves getting INVOLVED, getting down and dirty, working in your community and checking your leaders long after the elections are over. That is how change happens … it does not stop at the election booth, it actually starts the minute you step out of the booth!

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9 comments on “Change Does Not Happen In The Booth

  1. Life isn’t worth living without a cause, a cause that wakes you up after it kept you up all night, a cause that you bleed for, fight for and maybe die for. A cause that your committed to change

  2. This well written article has just sumed up what I have been saying,”change” is nt by abrakadabra n poff!change happens…they go on and on about this change like messiahs…

  3. In our culture, we love stories about lone heroes, the single protagonist who overcomes obstacles to achieve his or her goal makes a better movie. Just like you have stated, the true story of change is always far more complex. Dr. Martin Luther King charismatically stood up and inspired people to march, and change happened.

    We need to build collective leadership muscle if we want to create real change. It requires more inclusive, collaborative, and authentic approaches to leadership.
    Thanks for sharing, Ofili.
    Emeka latest post is The crazy thing about holding a grudgeMy Profile

  4. Due to the high rate of killings by the boko haram sect, i decided to write a letter to abubakar shekau. Please, share this letter until it gets to him. I am expecting a reply from him

    Dear Mr. Shekau,

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