Captain Nigeria To The Rescue

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Captain America fights for freedom…how awesome!

I guess when you have good roads, great infrastructure, steady electricity (if not permanent) then you can afford to fight for arbitrary things like freedom. Lucky America.

If we had a Captain for Nigeria, we won’t expect him to fight for freedom. I mean who has time for that! All we would expect him to fight for are good roads, steady electricity, better education, great leadership and many other things that are sadly already available in abundance in the West.

But who am I kidding we have no Captain Nigeria. He does not exist…but if we pray hard enough…just maybe just maybe Captain Nigeria would come down and really fight our battles for us. Till then we just have this sketch!

captain nigeriax

twitterWritten and Drawn By Okechukwu Ofili of
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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of
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10 comments on “Captain Nigeria To The Rescue

  1. Pray? Not sure more prayers, especially to someone we’re uncertain about their existence, are exactly what we need, as opposed to taking necessary action that is (because when you think about it, prayers are really just words…okay maybe not just words but still involves mostly words). Unless of course your being satirical/sarcastic, in which case Captain Nigeria could use some fashion tips, the yellow is his outfit is way too shouty, white I feel would go better with that green, also makes him appears more patriotic. Unless of course the yellow is to appear visible in our bad roads and old cars with poor headlights.

  2. Chanchadas on said:

    @ Chinweike; pray does work, prayer still works.

    From my experience, consistent prayer and FAITH has proven successful. Keyword; consistent and FAITH.

    Does prayer work if i don’t get results is the same as does hardwork pay off if i don’t get a promotion and does exercise pay off if i don’t lose weight?

    I’d let you answer the questions at your leisure.

  3. He’ll have to start with fighting for steady electricity, and then good roads.. maybe we’ll see him in 2015..maybe not. Even the sketched captain looks exhausted, and e never even begin fight yet.

  4. Yemx on said:

    Hehee… In addition (and not limited) to the things listed above, free internet too! Plus,
    “This blog can cure cancer!” Gets me everytime!

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