If Stuff Does Not Flush Just Use A Bucket

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Our office had a very critical problem. A problem that affected productivity and employer satisfaction. It was so critical that it became the primary topic of discussion around the office. The problem was that our company toilet could not flush! We had tried everything, from jiggling the toilet handle to restricting the amount of toilet paper utilized but nothing could fix the toilet it just could not flush. So it was no surpise that after weeks of non-flushing action employee frustration had overflowed (pun intended) into our monthly meeting. The cause of the problem was clear. The water pressure required for flushing the toilet simply was not sufficient. Some blamed low water pressure on the toilet design while others blamed it on poor plumbing work. Whatever the problem was, we needed a solution and fast. Solutions ranged from replacing the entire toilet system to tweaking the toilet plumbing.

In the middle of the solution marathon debate, someone whispered “why don’t we use a bucket of water?” The room froze with silence and then laughter and almost immediately resumed the intense debate…then another person suggested the bucket idea and another and yet another.

By afternoon time there was a bucket of water in the toilet which temporarily allevaited our flushing problem. And then a few days later the entire toilet system was replaced with a new and more powerful one. Our companies flushing problem had been solved temporarily and permanently.

As an entrepreneur, there are times where you have to make the bucket decisions. The decisions that seem rugged and extemporaneous, but allow you temporarily solve a problem while searching for the long term solution. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs get caught up in finding the long term toilet replacement solutions, failing to realize that if shit does not flush, they can actually use a bucket.

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18 comments on “If Stuff Does Not Flush Just Use A Bucket

  1. Lol. This made me laugh. A lot. But it makes sense. Most times people don’t want to do ‘dirty’ work but ‘dirty work’ is necessary to move on sometimes

  2. happyhausabunny on said:

    Lmao! Soo tru! Ow I wish my former employers wld read dis! D toilets on d ground floor, 1st n 2nd floors clearly had issues, rather than fixing d problem dey sealed dem off! Lool . @ sum point d lobby started skunking cuz d toilets on d 3rd floor started havn issues too n water(cld av bin pee) dripped down. So goin 2 send dis to my former oga! Nice write up as always!

  3. What made me crack up was the ridiculous way the employees laughed at the first suggestion of a bucket of water; as if the person had just told them to run around naked.

  4. happyhausabunny on said:

    @Oke lmao! I luv d name too! Even tho ppl tell me it’s cheesy! Nt d@ I care tho. Glad it cracks u up! Av a gud day!

    • Haha ‘seriously’ funny! An interesting fact I noticed was that you said ‘someone whispered ‘why don’t we use a bucket of water?” Got me thinking…sometimes you need a bit of courage to speak up because your very idea (which may at first sound silly to some) could be the solution everyone’s been waiting for! 🙂

  5. Okee-Jr. on said:

    So true Sir. I think short term solution can be resorted in certain cases. However it depends on varying scenarios. Nice analogy. Keep it up Sir.

  6. David on said:

    This dude is good. His first article I read about Patience Jonathan made me read, read and still wanna read more of his work. Welldone Ofili.

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