Breaking News: #Nigeria Has A New President

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Congratulation to General Buhari the new President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It was a clear victory by a well organized campaign team. At the end of the day your victory is a positive step for the development and maturity of our nascent democratic process.

But please along with your victory comes great responsibility. Nigeria is bleeding, Nigeria is divided. We need you to pull us together and also for the Generators to be turned off, Boko Haram to be eradicated, University strikes to end and Corruption to evaporate.

We will be watching you and praying for you  … please don’t disappoint us!


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13 comments on “Breaking News: #Nigeria Has A New President

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  2. Buhari is lucky. He came to power when Nigeria is gasping for breath. If he is strategic enough, he needn’t do so much to resuscitate her. Nonetheless, there isn’t much time for champagne-popping.

  3. Okay Mudi before you skin me, here’s what I mean by “lucky”. From my knowledge of business management, it’s easier to take a losing team northward than it is to take over a winning team and shine. Just ask Moyes why he was unable to continue Fergusons winning streak with Man U. I insist that Buhari is fortunate to lead Nigeria at this time because he simply needs to do one or two things right to earn our resounding applause.

  4. If our generators can be permanently switched off, that’ll be enough for most of us. As for pulling us together, the guy is not “Jesus”. He cannot heal the festering wounds in our hearts neither can he rid us from the life threatening ethnic bigotry that exists amongst a large number of Nigerians.

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