#BokoHaram Gives Nigeria The Middle Finger Again: How and Why #Baga

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In another not-so breaking news, the cowardly Boko Haram has taken to the social media to brag about Baga. This is nothing new, Nigeria has gotten used to this lifestyle, BOMB blast, village massacre and then the Boko Haram youtube video claiming responsibility followed by a Western media reporting our incompetence while ignoring the lack of support from their governments.shekaudIn fact the entire 2015 election hinges on the Boko Haram question … it is not an election on JOBS we don’t hear much about that or our terrible EDUCATIONAL system … but rather Boko Haram. But the problem with the Boko Haram election is that we largely hear each candidate talk about WHAT they will or have done.

And that is what frustrates me about this elections (amongst many other things) everyone is talking about the WHATS. What my candidate would do if elected, What my candidate did when elected, but we are not hearing the HOWS and the WHYS.

For an incumbent, we need to know WHY they have not done the things they promised to do. WHY is NEPA still the same old NEPA? WHY is Boko Haram still running around unchecked in the North East? WHY is corruption still not under control? WHY does Nigeria not have border controls?

And for the challenger we need to know the HOW, how do they plan to do the things they plan to do. HOW will they tackle NEPA that no one has figured out for years? HOW will they defeat the rampant Boko Haram? HOW will they set up coalition forces with Cameroon and Chad?

You see its fun to throw around the WHATS, but the real thing we the electorate need to focus on … are the HOWS and WHYS, especially the WHY Boko Haram keeps giving us the run around and HOW we can fight them differently!

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9 comments on “#BokoHaram Gives Nigeria The Middle Finger Again: How and Why #Baga

  1. You couldn’t have said it better. This is my frustration with the upcoming elections. Its always what I did, what I will do for the candidates and what he did, what he will do , what he didn’t do & what he cannot do for the electorates.
    And I keep waiting for: Why I didn’t do this, how I will do that, why he didn’t do this & how I plan to do that for the candidates. But nobody raises these questions, because from my point of view, you have to understand a situation/event (the whys) inorder to be able to proffer solutions (the whats) putting forward the steps to the desired goals (the hows).
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  2. My sentiments exactly but it seems people are only concerned about how beautiful the children are or what tribe he is. Which party he is or what religion.

  3. Well said!!!
    The incumbent government have clearly failed us from all angles but what the opposition party is offering isn’t anything to go by.
    If they already have a “HOW TO TACKLE BOKO HARAM” manual, why didn’t they share this idea since this madness started 6yrs ago?
    There’s a lot of distrust attached to the incumbent and opposition party at the moment.
    When we uniformly( this is because i think we are too chaotic in listing out our questions and demands) ask the right questions of HOWs and WHYs, then we can actual make a little progress. Am not expecting a miracle or anything but we need to start from somewhere.

    • Ofili

      Amen Nonye Amen. We are not expecting a mircale but the small thing we see now is nothing. Just WHAT WHAT WHAT no how how how. This person will be good because they are ex-military…GEJ should remain because BokoHaram is APC army….no details. Meanwhile our youths are jobless.

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