The Best Blogging Advice Of All Time

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People ask me all the time what it takes to become a successful blogger. For years I struggled with that question, because there were so many different things that made one successful in blogging. But over the years, I have found one aspect of blogging that every successful blogger I know from Seth Godin to Linda Ikeji possessed early on when they started. It is an aspect that has made them as successful as they are now and it is one that every upcoming blogger needs to adhere to. It is it to me the best blogging advise of all time and it is this:


If you write a blog post and nobody comments on it, keep writing…
If you pour your heart and soul into a blog entry and nobody retweets it, keep writing…
If you craft the perfect blog post and nobody facebook likes it, keep writing…
If you write the best blog article ever and people tell you it is whack [Including your Mum], keep on writing…


Because success in blogging is not determined by the amount of comments, retweets or likes that you get, but rather by the passion you have for blogging. And provided you keep on writing…you passion will pull you through to success!


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16 comments on “The Best Blogging Advice Of All Time

  1. I totally agree with you. been blogging for the past 3 months and i must say my passion that has kept me in the midst of no likes, retweets, or comments.

  2. A good friend gave me the same advice when I first started writing on FB in 2008. Eventually the comments started rolling in and the fanbase grew. But the writing must never stop!

  3. ejura ocholi on said:

    been blogging for the past 3 months and am beginning to lost passion for it because i don’t get comments and visitors. Also am trying to import my blog page to my web site but will never work. nice site u got here. cheers.

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