Biko Just Marry

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I met a girl once who broke up with her boyfriend.

I asked her why and she said…and I kid you not, that he was not from her state. I nearly flipped over and broke my neck, because the states were right next to each other and spoke the same language, but yet she broke up with him because of that and after pressure from her parents.

Anyway…I drew this sketch to express the stupidity of African parents and sometimes their children that listen to them…


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12 comments on “Biko Just Marry

  1. Hahaha. Ofili, people have their preferences when it comes to choosing a life partner, others have their biases. The lady whose story you shared and the sketch is a good reflection of bias at work.

    Marrying from the same village or State does not guarantee that the husband or wife will be better than someone from a different part of the country. At the end of the day, it is the character of the person that matters.
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  2. I second your thoughts there Monale (u’ve got a great blog too. Just checked it out). Ehen Ofili, Hilarious sketch there. All I’ve got to say is that its high time we start challenging the status quo. The system is really in shambles and we need to do something about it before the “water pass the garri”.
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  3. Nice one Ofili, i do enjoy your write-ups, but I think drawing is not your think, I think I can help out with that, anytime you need to do any illustration just send me a message and I’ll do 3D cartoon for you.

  4. It’s an interesting dilemma some of our ‘traditional thinking’ Nigerian parents try to put us in. I would want to say, explain to them and make them see reasons, but we all know too well how futile that could be.
    Eloping could be good too, but then you have to change your surname and explain to your kids how boko haram kidnapped your parents when you were little and you’re the last survivor in your clan… too much drama. lol

    I just wonder what goes through their minds when they suggest such funny things…

  5. Melody on said:

    Sadly,this is a situation that is rampant in our society. Love is no longer a criteria for marriage rather ethnicity and tribe is. Love might as well swing by later.
    I have encountered not one,not two cases either and it will surprise you how many budding and prospective relationships had to be cut short because of this warped theory masterminded by not-so-wise parents who believe that issues of decades past will come haunting their offsprings. It’s also sad how much this brainwashing has taken its toll on a supposedly civilized society and we expect growth for Nigeria when mere ethnic groups can’t agree?

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