Ask Ofili: “What is the best Website for Free Templates?”

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Question: “I want to design a website that will allow me to do things like post videos, mp3 music, Donations and Stores page, and Possibly add links like youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Texting…can you advice on the best templates I can use. Also are there any templates out there for free?”

– Elenah Kangara

Ofili’s Answer: Elenah thanks for your question. The websites that I would highly recommend are Tumblr and WordPress. Not only are they simple to use but you can find a large variety of high quality templates for free!

My first ever sketching website was created via tumblr and I highly recommend it for people that are just starting out (see sample here ). It is easy to use and has all your above requirements…from uploading mp3 music to posting videos…it can do all of them. Additionally, the templates are free and are high quality. If you are tech savvy you can even modify them to fit your taste. The other site I like is, this is what currently powers my website Just like tumblr it has a host of free templates. It is not quite as user friendly as tumblr, which is why I recommend people start out with tumblr first. But what it lacks in simplicity it more than makes up in versatility. Once you understand the basic functioning of wordpress you can literarily design a full scale profressional website within minutes. Hope this helps…

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