Before You Bury PDP Read This

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Nigeria is not yet a full democracy …

We are a dwindling kakistocracy. A government of the corrupt, by the corrupt for the corrupt. Where people are not driven by ideological interests but rather by their own self interests. A system where politicians change political parties as often as Beyonce changes clothes … provided it aligns with their wallets!

And we can see this already …

In the few days after the APC Presidential victory there have been several mock burial processions signalling the death of PDP. And some PDP members are reacting by jumping ship to APC afraid to be buried alive or left behind.

But in doing so they are creating the very same thing we fought for 16 years to overturn … another one party system but under a new name … Remember that same shit different toilet thing?

If we are to indeed have a true democracy we would need PDP to survive this 2015 beating. Because democracies succeed when there is a strong opposing party to keep the ruling party in check … to criticize them when they fall out of line, to breathe down their neck, to subconsciously remind them that they can always be voted out! That tension is what keeps democracies alive.

So let’s celebrate the APC victory, but let us not bury PDP in the excitement …. because we need them alive to bring out the best in APC!

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21 comments on “Before You Bury PDP Read This

  1. My friends and I had this long argument on this same matter just yesterday. We need the PDP to play the role of opposition for the next 4 years. They have been at the helm of affairs in the past 16 years, this means that they know all the loop-holes, tricks and corners in the system. That way they can always cry, “Wolf” as soon as APC politicians try to play a fast one on the collective psyches of Nigerians. Unfortunately most politicians have no integrity nor leadership qualities and will jump ship at the sight of the first iceberg.

  2. Well written Ofili.
    I wish they had a strong criteria to allow for camping and decamping so we don’t have serial polygamists

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Abi o. The movements gets too much at times, everyone jumping up and down to the tune of their own selfish interests!

  3. Teslim on said:

    When politics is a money making venture rather than being an institution to serve humanity, it is unlikely to have an ideological base political parties. We shouldn’t pray for death of PDP in order to have health democracy.

  4. Are these Politicians or political prostitutes? I just sympathise with those that put their trust and hope in them. Birds of the same feather..indeed

  5. If there’s any party in the history of the world that needs to be checked… It’s the APC, the euphoria of their victory will expose their megalomaniac tendencies. Let’s hope the PDP will be a constructive and “unspiteful” opposition party
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    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Amen. I worry about their absolute control. They have the Presidency, Lagos State, Senate and the House and are fighting for Rivers. It would be a complete take over. I cringee…

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