What Batman Taught Me About Kicking Ass On Stage

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That feeling…

I don’t want to get out of bed, my stomach rumbles, my heart beats uncontrollably and I have a pressing urge to throw up but nothing comes out. I lay in bed praying that a fluke tornado will somehow postpone my event for just another day. But for 7 years my prayers are yet to be answered..so for 7 years I have shown up at my events on time and spoken, getting paid to do something I am terrified off. Funny enough I have gotten better at it…not the fear part but the speech delivery part. Somehow the fear has succeeded in making me prepare more and speak better…and sometimes I get asked the question “what is the secret to kicking ass on stage public speaking?”

The secret is to be like Batman and embrace your fears. Embrace your fears so tight that they become an integral part of you so much so that you become defined by what you fear. Batman was afraid of bats, but called himself Batman. He was afraid of bats but built a fortress in a bat cave. He was afraid of bats, but used them against his enemies.

What are you afraid of? Success? Life? Entrepreneurship? Whatever your fear is, embrace it and struggle through it. If you are afraid of being an entrepreneur, call yourself an entrepreneur. If you are afraid of being a speaker, call yourself a speaker. You may never overcome the fear, but the fact that you fear what you fear will push you to do your utmost best to become successful in that that you fear. Embrace your fear today and embrace your success.

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  1. Charles on said:

    It doesn’t make sense to confront *every* fear. If your fear is relevant to your goals, then surely confront, embrace, and overcome it. If your fear is only marginally relevant to your goals, then avoid them or workaround them. There is a reason why we have a negative psychological reaction to things we are better off running away from rather than confronting — it’s because then we have the opportunity to fight another day — or to direct our energies towards things at which we are better.

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