Ask Ofili: “Can I Be An Entrepreneur With A Full Time Job?”

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Question: “How is it possible to maintain enterpreneural ambitions with the demands of a day job?”

– William Dominic
Owner 3HONIG Company

Ofili’s Answer: William, you asked a great question. A question that is at the back of the minds of a lot of people stuck in  a cubicle but yearning to do something more with their lives. And my simple answer is YES! But it requires what I call the 3 D’s…Dream, Drive and Discipline.

Dream: You have a dream that is way beyond your office spaces. One of the things that really pushed me to become a cubicle entrepreneur (DEFINITION: an entrepreneur that runs 2-3 profitable businesses from their office) was having constant day dreams about being somewhere else. I would visualize myself in colleges speaking and inspiring students. And that imagery is what sparked my initial interest….without a dream, you would not have a vision or goal to attain.

Drive: What separates the dreamers from successful entrepreneurs is “drive.” Drive is that energy that pushes you towards your dreams…it is that energy that keeps you going in the early stages of entrepreneurship…without drive you would give up on your entrepreneurial dreams at the first series of obstacles and go back to the comforts of your 9-5 cosy cubicle. When the global recession hit in 2009, I saw a lot of people get laid off from their jobs. But one of the memories that has never left me till this day was that of an older co-worker of mine. He had a family, a mortgage and car notes and the look of fear during those weeks of the lay offs sparked something inside off me…at that moment I made a promise to myself that I would never ever be in that situation where I would have to depend on a job for 100% of my income, so I started more aggressively than ever to create multiple streams of income and businesses from real estate investment to speaking and then writing. Every time I want to give up or get frustrated…I think back at that moment and the look on my co-workers and that gives me the drive to keep on pushing!

Discipline: To be honest, running a business outside of work is tough business especially if you have a family to cater for. The one thing that I would say that is very integral to successfully running a side business is discipline. Without discipline you would just not find enough time in the day to get things done. For me when it comes to writing, I switch off my cellphone and fully focus on what I have to get done. During my Lunch Break at work I spend time editing my articles and use the remaining 5 minutes of lunch to chow down my food. I love watching soccer, but I have had to miss a lot of games because I am busy writing or editing my website. The key thing is that I discipline myself to get things done fast. Discipline is what really defines you as an entrepreneur, because you are no longer being driven externally by work, but rather internally by your passion and dreams. So make sure you stay disciplined.

BONUS TIP: The truth is that it easier than ever to be a part-time entrepreneur with the evolution of social media, blogging and other online tools. Now-a-days people are making money quite literarily in their sleep and from their websites. Thus thinking of a business that does not require too much physical presence is a good way to start. As it is not time consuming and will not distract from you current job. Also employing tools that can help you automate and run your business without you being there is key to succeeding…I would be sharing some of those tools at my next Extreme Marketing Bootcamp visit here to learn more about it.

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