The Artificiality Of #BokoHaram

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First of all, let us understand that Boko Haram is a fabricated artificial terrorist group.

When I say artificial, it goes to mean that there is no solid or clear reason as to why they kill so violently or why they even exist at such a level as this. Unlike other known terror groups that seem to have a historical reason for their existence, they (boko haram) seem to simply exist out of nowhere. They simply seem to fight because someone wants them to fight.

If in fact you tried to negotiate with boko haram it will be quite a frustrating exercise because they really don’t have any clear cut demands, their agenda seems to be to cause disruption and kill as many people as possible … under an Islamic excuse guise of Jihad war. But I just don’t buy it, I believe there is a core artificiality to Boko Haram. It’s like a penalty kick in a soccer game, where the striker runs into a stagnant defender and tries to simulate a foul … first time the ref might fall for it, but over time it starts to smell funny.

Other terror groups, tend to have a distinct pattern.

For instance, Hezbollah an Islamic Militant terror group (as designated by the west) … was conceived following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. That was the trigger. They existed as a defensive alternative to the weak Lebanese army as a way to protect Lebanon from Israel. Their goal was clear: To end with whatever means available … including suicide bombing, assassination and terror … the Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon. They had a reason for existing: they were invaded. They also had a goal: the liberation of Lebanon from Israel. If you entered into negotiation with Hezbollah you could predict what the discussion would be about.

Then you have the Al-Qaeda terror group, headed by the thankfully late Osama Bin Laden. Al-Qaeda was formed from the remnants of the mujahideen group that successfully opposed the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Their reason for existence was clear, again like Hezbollah they were created out of a need to defend against a foreign invasion … the Soviets.

But the money question is why the enmity towards America and Saudi Arabia by Al Qaeda? After all America ironically funded the pre-Al-Qaeda group mujahideen and Osama Bin Laden is from Saudi Arabia. Well the answer is quite simple, depending on your definition of simplicity.

Out of many things, Saudi Arabia supported the Oslo Accords, which was a peace deal plan that attempted to resolve the Israeli and Palestine land squabble/war. Osama did not like that … why? Because Osama like Hezbollah was against any type of support of an Israeli state. Evil but again the pattern and goal was clear. Anti-Israel and thus Anti-American.

Coming back to Africa, we have the Al-Shabaab a group that has been waging terror attacks in Kenya. The Al-Shabaab a jihadist group based in Somalia … were an off shoot of another Somalian radical group called the Islamic Courts Union (ICU). The original group was created to oppose the legitimate Somalian Transitional Federal Government but after the (the ICU) 2006 defeat it splintered after into several smaller groups including the Al-Shabaab.

The Al-Shabaab continued to wage war against the Somalian government. But in 2007 The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) consisting of different armies in Africa was formed to counter the Al-Shabaab. One of those armies was the Kenya army, in fact the Kenya army make up about 20% of the AMISOM forces. The presense or supposed invasion of Kenya into Somalia like all the examples above is what triggered the Al-Shabaab attacks in Kenya. The goal for Al-shabaab is to get Kenyan troops out of Somali. Again negotiation, if it were to happen would be clear.

But lets come back to the artificiality of boko haram. Unlike any of the examples above, there is no clear pattern as to why they exist and with so much hate.

In the case of Hezbollah there was an Israeli invasion, in the case of Al-Qaeda there was a Soviet Invasion and in the case of Al-Shabaab a Kenyan invasion. But in the case of boko haram there was no invasion … their creation was unprovoked. Its like they appeared from nowhere. They would argue that their justification is the supposed killing of their sect leader Mohammed Yusuf by the Nigerian government.

But the problem with that line of thinking is that even before his death they (the boko haram) were already arming themselves. So regardless of whether Yusuf died or not, boko haram would have found an excuse to insight violence. “O the Nigeria flag has white in it, we don’t like it…BOMB.”

But their existence is not the only thing wrong in this pattern, the other thing is their goal. What exactly are they fighting for. If you were to in fact sit down and negotiate with Loco-haram (being crazy is a sin) I mean Boko haram you will be confused.

First of all, they said it was a war against Christians so they started attacking Churches, then it became a war against Muslims then they started attacking Mosques. Then it was a war against western education so they started attacking schools, but then it became a war against cars so they started attacking Motor Parks. Then they said it was a war against corrupt politicians but then they started blowing up innocent Nigerian citizens including children. It’s like they are making shit up things as they go!

Their demands are vague and impossible to address. They say they are against western education and churches in Nigeria. But churches in Nigeria have always existed!?!

Again unlike other terror groups where there was some sort of invasion, in the boko haram case there was no invasion. It was like they woke up and said “oh my god, look at all these Churches in Nigeria…BOMB.”

At the end of the day, the whole boko haram thing smells fake. They simply seem to exist to cause disruption in Nigeria. But why? Is it to split Nigeria? Is it to trigger a civil war that someone benefits from? Is it for political reasons? Nobody knows. Okay somebody knows, me I don’t know. But I am not buying the whole boko haram excuse for war. Because they don’t follow the core pattern.

They seem to be an organization whose goal is to kill and disrupt Nigeria while trying to use jihad/islam to cover up their actions. And that’s sad, that someone could wake up unprovoked and unleash such terror. But what is sadder is that you can’t negotiate with them, not because of the American “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” lingua but because there is really nothing to negotiate about because they defy even the illogical terrorist pattern of reasoning. BOMB!

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26 comments on “The Artificiality Of #BokoHaram

  1. Another good write up.

    Ofili, part of the problem is that violence has been treated with kid gloves in Nigeria. Boko Haram does not have a discernible pattern or guiding philosophy, but i think they have been around long enough for security agencies to begin to slowly infiltrate their group. Abi are our guys incapable of undercover work? (Where is Oluwa-Jack Baeur when you need him? :-))

    All security agencies have local stations, how come they haven’t tapped into that to gather intel? What about the BH members who have been captured or arrested, can’t we get intel from them?

    We may not be able to prevent 100% of the attacks, but they sooner we realize that better security measures and strategies need to be put in place to deal with them, the better for citizens. The casualty figures are already high and growing steadily.
    Monale Alemika latest post is #BringBackOurGirls: Case of the Missing 200My Profile

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      I am not writing the article as an excuse or to propose suggestions for stopping them.

      The main goal of the article is to question the artificiality of their existence and the unprovoked nature of their attacks. That’s all. It has nothing to do with how to stop them.

      But I see your points.

  2. danbasy effiwatt on said:

    only very sparingly I allow myself to talk about this kind of issue because of great disparity in opinions borne out of our different tribes and religious predilections.

    The point to note here is that I am not a fan of GEJ. I am one of those that believe he should dicontinue to be president come 2015. The reason is that…I think the GEJ govt has failed.

    The govt tactic to fight terrorism targeted towards it has failed. This government has failed to tackle wide spread corruption, gross unemployment, and many more…

    As the head of government and commander in chief, armed with all the intel and security mercenaries, he has failed to provide security to
    the citizens.

    However, I will not withdraw my initial thoughts that these violence are primarily targeted at rubbishing, discrediting and ridiculing GEJ’s govt. If not why is the violence??

    Nigerians have only become victims of this violence on a secondary basis. GEJ can decide to stay put and fight his enermies even though he seems to be out of ideas on how to fight them. He can also decide to, for the sake of peace, putting Nigerians
    first, step down at the end of his tenure by 2015.

    Take note of my words and remember this thread when it happens. If GEJ declares to contest for the presidency again, there will be more violence. If he wins the polls, there will be much more violence. If an islamic northerner becomes president by 2015, there will be relative peace.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      “He can also decide to, for the sake of peace, putting Nigerians
      first, step down at the end of his tenure by 2015.”

      This is the issue. If GEJ is seen to step down because of boko haram then MEND might launch an offensive … a retaliation to make life difficult for the next President and cripple the economy. At the end nobody wins.

      Remember MEND were never defeated. They simply negotiated with them to drop arms for money.

  3. Ofili wrote a post about they-who-must-not-be-named. BOMB!
    On a serious note though, BH is the most aimless group of people I have ever seen in my existence. If I start any analysis, I doubt I’ll be done in 2 days. They should just endeavor not to cross Onitsha Head bridge because that is when we’ll all realize that all this drama has been sme sme.

      • Oma on said:

        Nwa nnem, sme sme bu…its not derived from any language per se, just a sort of slang that could replace a myriad of expressions. Basically, i meant we’ll realize that this could just be the tip of the iceberg.

  4. It is vital to mention leadership is for the people. If your being in power does your people great harm and little good it is only logical to resign. Irrespective of if you are being witch hunted or not. Sometimes true leadership takes not the ability to hold on but to let go after listening to your conscience. Thousands should not have to die to keep anyone at the top.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Daisy Odey I hear you, but like I said above to “danbasy effiwatt” it send the precedence for future attacks. Soon people will no longer use elections to get rid of Presidents, just senseless violence.

      And the irony of it all is that without boko haram GEJ would have already struggled with re-election but boko actually gives him a chance because people see through the Artificiality.

  5. dave on said:

    well said Ofili. I’d been trying the understand the rational for their activities. It just doesnt make any sense. The lastest attack really got me thinking this might be very well politically actuated…against a southern leadership of Nigeria. But again why kill your own people? women and children included. Loco haram are seriously deluded.

  6. Williams. on said:

    “…Because they don’t follow the core pattern.”
    But the point is,there’s no core pattern in such a thing like terrorism.Terrorism isn’t like a system of government,you know,say democracy or aristocracy and all what not.
    Terrorism,in my opinion is a well conceived plan with clear cut targets…be it logical or otherwise,be it justifiable or plain stupid.
    I would not venture to call Boko Haram deluded,without purpose,confused or even use any epithets that have related meanings.
    Do you not think it could be a trick? Do you not think it could be part of the plan? Do you not think the longer it takes Nigeria to fathom what has hit them the better for the terrorists? Another point is that no group of any interest could stand without a purpose,a clearly thought-out purpose-whether the purpose is discernible or not-it would crumble.
    Not meaning to say to much-as it is my first time here-the perpetrators of this terrorist attacks know exactly what they are doing and what they want.
    They have there flaws…often very visible flaws,but it’s only a pity we live in a country where the military with all her might can’t sort out a menace as trifle as Boko Haram.
    Thank you.

  7. Ofili, I would say you just read my mind. I like your line of thought, sequence of your writings and the originality of your posts. Truly, the artificality of bokoharam is a perpetuation to frustrate GEJ administration by a particular group. They knw themselves and God will expose them in no time.
    Jeniee (Jennifer Ogoo Okolo) latest post is Secrets All Men Keep From WomenMy Profile

  8. Aisha on said:

    Another well written piece, you never fail to deliver. I often think the same to myself, these BH people r just a bunch of murderous mad men who have come to instill fear in the citizenry. There’s more to this group than meets the eye. Some higher power has a hand in their activities.

  9. promise on said:

    On the issue of boko haram
    Serious matter. what’s unsettling to me is the way its being handled. every society has its own brand of ills, but this has a global colouration because its terrorism. so Is the government handling this the right way? I see a situation where playing politics with national issues has assumed a new and grotesque dimension. A firmer stance that transcends the spewing of meaningless and self serving utterances by the government will be welcomed. Also, the citizen’s efforts at seeing a transformed society needs to be redoubled and better aligned to project a singular but aptly defined objectives – we want a responsive and responsible government. Let’s show the spirit behind the saying ‘regnat populus’. Period

  10. MsBeckss on said:

    I think you got this issue spot on. But I am going to take it a step further and say it’s an economical, and by extension a political issue. These politicians and oil tycoons have us exactly where they want us: debating about the legitimacy of BH, while they (the leaders and their funders) actively steal from the countries reserves with little to no accountability.
    The only thing that keeps politicians in check is knowing that they will be held accountable by their constituencies. But with the country in such a state of despair there’s no one doing exactly that. In my option, this issue has nothing to do with religion sects or tribal disparities. Put simply: it is an economic issue, with a very small group moving the chess peices around to fill their pockets; while everyone else is being feed some quack story (BH) as a diversion from the real issue.

  11. Salmaa on said:

    Finally! This what I thought when I first read this site. Everyone is so filled with hate we fail to see the real picture. BH has no specific reason, all their attacks seem to be geared towards instilling fear. First it was police, when your so called protectors are scared that will definitely demoralise you. Then it was churches and msjids, then schools, then parks. Baseless mindless maiming. Somebody said BH is a political agenda, but take it from me. I believe it is far bigger and sinister than the Nigerian politics.
    I want Nigerians, particularly ignorant ones that post hate comments to understand that, when war does break out as they blatently predict now that the American are around. The lines dividing North and south will SURELY get blurred. So the problem is Nigeria’s altogether not just North

  12. Dear Okey,

    It’s been months since GMB took over the presidency and the BOMBS, murder and mayhem have continued.

    You were right.

    I shudder to think on how long this fight will continue when there is no clear purpose (Asides totally destabilising Nigeria and making people live in fear and mistrust of one another).

    God (s) help us.

    Where do we turn?

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