Are Authors Afraid Of Money?

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Are authors afraid of money?

Get 5 top authors from all across the globe, place them in a room filled with young upcoming writers and you can almost always predict how the conversation will go …

Do you like to write in the morning or in the evenings?
What type of music do you listen to when you write?
How do you deal with writers block?
Is it okay to read other people’s books when writing your books, won’t it confuse you?
What room temperature is the best for mind stimulation?

I hear the questions and I literally want to shoot myself!

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It’s like authors are afraid of money, or maybe they believe that all they need to do is write an amazingly awesome book and the money will follow. So they focus on the writing process. But if more authors asked the money questions … questions like:

How do you leverage social media to market your books?
How much do you get from royalties?
What are some ways to leverage my writing to become a paid speaker?

If the money questions were asked, the conversation will be much richer (no-pun intended). But those questions are rarely asked so we are instead left with …

How do you write when NEPA takes light?

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3 comments on “Are Authors Afraid Of Money?

  1. okayyyyyyy….. So I am in the process of publishing my first book. Exhilarating yet nerve racking at the same time. How do I sell? How do I get my target customers (parents, schools and churches) buy the book for teenagers my target consumers? How do I set a price for the book?

    Hope you provide the answers. Thanks

  2. Haha! Great post.

    Those are important questions!

    Would love to hear those answers.

    Here is another one… how can one sell ebooks targeted to an African audience without the use of device like a kindle?`And how can they pay ?

    If you know the answer let me know 🙂

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