All Doodle Is Art

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Keep writing is my number one tip for aspiring writers and bloggers.

And for those that want to sketch and become artists…keep drawing is my advice. Never stop sketching, never stop doodling…keep on doing it. Your work might look like wack at first, but over time it will evolve, your sketches would get better, probably more colorful and one day you would wake up with so much talent and so much skill that you would look back at your old work and say I can’t believe I was that bad. But you should believe and you should embrace it. Because every doodle is art and like a baby they all will eventually evolve to something…provided you keep on doodling!

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7 comments on “All Doodle Is Art

  1. I always scribble and doodle at meetings, especially the boring ones. I draw elephants, houses, buses, teddy bears etc. I’ve been doing it since primary school and now I’m still not an artist! :-)) I guess I had better stick with my law reports and statutes. I can get better as a lawyer with those ones. As for my notepad?! I’ll keep that till the next loooong and boring meeting.

    Great post as usual, Ofili.

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