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So am thinking to myself “What if I could invent an anti-viagra drug?” I know what you are thinking, who the heck would want to buy an anti-viagra drug? The answer is Responsible married men. Let’s face it, not every man intends to cheat but somehow they find themselves in awkward situations. But, with the Aiagra red pill all that will come to an end as you can now battle those awkward situations…such as the late night work session with your attractive secretary or when your wife’s younger sister stops by to visit. Just pop the pill and you instantaneously lose all the urge to do anything naughty. This pill could literarily save marriages and if it could save marriages, it could save a family and if it can save a family…it can save a state and if it can save a state…it can save the world. This red pill can save the world…lol…


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8 comments on “Aiagra

  1. difanyi on said:

    I am a female and I absolutely LOVE this idea (that’s right!). I seriously think that Aigra (lol) is worth inventing/creating. I can already see myself selling it; the clientele is already there 🙂

  2. rovina on said:

    Dead at the title… release you inner angel? that was cheesy but still laughed my heart out.

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