Fact Checking Sadiq Abacha’s Letter #Abacha

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Yesterday, I read Sadiq Abacha’s letter to Wole Soyinka. My immediate gut reaction was to immediately mark down the article as one of many crazed and delusional Fani Femi Kayode articles that deserved no attention. But as I read that article I began to realize that it contained some interesting claims about Abacha that is rarely talked about in Anti-Abacha circles.

So I decided, rather than dismissing the article or writing yet another open letter, what about breaking it down and fact checking the claims. So that is what I did….

I broke down Sadiq’s letter and researched his claims written in bold font below. My goal was to be as objective as possible, without showing any bias. In this analysis I state my research source and put links to all the articles and documents I referenced. My goal with this was to write something different from the usual Abacha insult filled articles…I just wanted to write the facts…so here goes…

Sadiq Abacha: What about the advances we made in commerce, reducing the inflation rate, what about security and welfare, how many projects, hospitals and schools were created? Inflation went from 54% to 8.5%!

This is a fact, under Abacha, Nigeria’s inflation rate dropped from about 50% to 7.5% reference http://www.indexmundi.com/nigeria/inflation_rate_(consumer_prices).html
However inflation is not the best representation of a nations economy and can easily be manipulated by governments restricting currency flow. At the end, the low inflation rate looks good on paper, but does little for the Nigeria people. For instance the inflation rate between 2000 and 2010 has been relatively low, but the same cannot be said about our unemployment rate which is extremely high despite the low inflation rates. But the original claim by Sadiq is still a fact!Inflation

My father oversaw an increase in our foreign currency reserves from 494 million dollars in 1993 to 9.6 billion dollars by the middle of 1997, that is unprecedented…

Again this is a fact but this fact is being used as a distraction point…I will explain, under Abacha the foreign currency reserves per www.iiste.org/Journals/index.php/EJBM/article/download/709/608 were indeed increased to 9.6 billion in 1998.

But as he was reserving foreign money in the CBN he was also reserving money for himself to the tune of $4.3 billion…per http://bit.ly/1lzJV0n

“The Nigerian government has formally asked Britain to freeze the bank accounts of the late military dictator General Sani Abacha who is alleged to have stolen $4.3bn during his five years in office from 1993….Nigeria estimates that of the $4.3bn, some $2.3bn was taken from the central bank, $1bn was awarded for contracts to front companies, and a further $1bn was extorted from foreign companies, some of them in Britain.”

So Abacha might have saved money but he also stole money…lots of it.

What of peace keeping and nation building, not just in West Africa but the entire continent, restoring democracy in Liberia and Sierra Leone, all these under my father’s leadership, are all these not laudable?

Restoring democracy in Liberia: Technically true, Abacha headed the Abuja Accord that ushered in the 1997 Election in Liberia. Per this Baltimore Sun article http://bit.ly/1q8F5I5

“GEN. SANI ABACHA, Nigeria’s military strongman, is credited with having the moral leadership that imposed an agreement (The August 1996 Abuja Accord) by DTC Liberia’s brutal warlords to disarm and hold elections.”

But the whole restoring democracy to Liberia is just technically true…here’s why…the resulting election from the Abuja Accord in 1997 was a Kangaroo election mired with intimidation and cheating. And ended up with the election of human rights abuser Charles Taylor as President. In addition to that…

“The peace did not last long, and in 1999 the Second Liberian Civil War broke out.”

Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Liberian_Civil_War

So did Abacha restore democracy to Liberia, yes but it was a Mugabe style democracy that plunged Liberia into more despair and yet another war. Liberia did not fully regain Democracy will Charles Taylor was exiled in 2003.

So what about Sierra Leone: This one is totally false. Yes Abacha sent Nigerians troops via ECOMOG to fight the RUF rebels, but their impact was minimal because the ECOMOG forces were deemed weak and unprepared. No democracy was established in Sierra Leone while Abacha was alive. In fact the Sierra Leone civil war ended in 2001, three years after Abacha death.

Reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sierra_Leone_Civil_War

All this on 8$ per barrel of oil! You have to be kidding me.

Actually Sadiq is the one kidding us here. This is quite false. The average price of crude oil during Abacha’s term (1993 to 1998) was $17.00. However, in December of 1998 the year Abacha died, the price of crude oil dropped to as low as $8.64. But by December 1998, Abacha was already dead!
reference http://www.ioga.com/Special/crudeoil_Hist.htm


You say, with the weight of your sense of history and the authority you possess on national issues that ” a vicious usurper under whose authority the lives of an elected president and his wife were snuffed out” referring to my late father, you must be growing old, or you would rightly recall that that president elect you refer to did not die while my father was alive.

He has a point, Abiola died under suspicious circumstances shortly after the death of General Abacha.

Moshood Abiola died on the day that he was due to be released, on July 7, 1998 via wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MKO_Abiola

However, this is like the lung cancer quiz…

If a smoker dies of lung cancer, is it the smoke that killed him or the cancer? You see the fact is that Abiola will still be alive today if he was not imprisoned by Abacha for 4 years. So yes Abiola may have suffered from heart attack (the cancer), but it was as a result of 4 years of unjust imprisonment (the smoking) by Abacha that killed him. #fact


IMG_20130301_045421You see at the end of the day, the issue with Abacha was not high inflation rates but rather high unemployment rates, it was not whether or not he established or fought for democracies in other countries but rather whether he upheld democracy in his own country, Nigeria. It was not whether or not he tripled our foreign reserves, but rather whether or not he reserved some of Nigeria’s billions for himself.

But the real issue, was his treatment and suffocation of freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of life, freedom of everything. The way he silenced and killed his enemies and in-case we have forgotten…here is a summary of SOME of the many atrocities of Abacha…

June 11, 1994: Chief M.K.O Abiola declares himself president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the eve of the first anniversary of June 12 in an attempt to claim his June 12, 1993 presidential mandate at Epetedo, Lagos Island. He goes into hiding after the declaration, for fear of being arrested.

31June 23, 1994: The Federal Military Government arrests Chief M.K.O Abiola on charges of treason.

August 18, 1994: The crackdown finally begins: the Abacha government responds to the workers’ strike by sacking the Executive Council of NUPENG and PENGASSAN, and NLC, closes down three newspapers: the Punch, Concord group (owned by Abiola) and The Guardian. It announces a partial lifting of the ban on politics, allowing individuals to ‘canvass political ideas’ but not to ‘form political parties for now’.

October 1, 1994: Federal Government arrests and detains Chief Gani Fawehinmi for launching a political party, the National Conscience Party, in Lagos.

October 31, 1995: A Special Military Court sentences Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni activists to death.

Reference http://books.openedition.org/ifra/653 as well as the millions of Nigerians that suffered under the Abacha administration.

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54 comments on “Fact Checking Sadiq Abacha’s Letter #Abacha

  1. Sandra on said:

    This is a good analysis well researched. People forget that posterity speaks for itself. History will always take into account the actions of today for future refrences.

    • Tomiwa Kalejaiye on said:

      All said and done I strongly believe it is high time IBB gets probed and sanctioned accordingly. It mustn’t be when he finally dies. Offili pls, I beg you to spur this up as well thank you. I want to believe IBB has stolen more than $4.3 b and he is still in the act! What baffles me most is the evil ways they spend such monies i.e funding of the nowadays Boko Haram etc. Sanusi Lamido is also one of such. But”…there is God!”

      • Musa Kaleem Sada on said:

        funding boko haram etc? Ibb and Sanusi are behind the terror organization that bombed sanusi’s mosque? So these people are responsible for killing their own people of same north, same religion, same house? the ganja you’re taking is first-class. Kindly go to aba market you may find a better head, buy it and replace that coconut you’re carrying on your shoulders thinking it’s a head! mad thing

  2. chydee on said:

    Nice research work Ofili. I read Sadiq’s letter yesterday and I wondered if the mentioned ‘achievments’ were facts. So Abacha’s case was more of a one step forward, two/three steps backward for us. Bad.

  3. Nene on said:

    I was still in primary school when abacha died.. I had no idea what was going on. I can barely remember sef.. However, I do remember the celebration when his death was announced.. I didn’t know why I was shouting and jubilating..but hey, the whole street was! Like when super eagles scored goals..
    For everyone to be that happy at the time, then he must have been an awful leader..I just wonder why his son bothered to write the letter.. Nigerians know what they went through during his regime..no use painting abacha as an angel..

    • Your comment reminds of how we reacted to the news of his death. It was late SSS1 or early SSS2 then and everyone in school was jubilant. Teachers, housemasters (was a boarding student) and students were celebrating. The tuck shop ran out of bread and soft drinks as people were just buying to celebrate.

      Abacha not only looted our treasury, he attempted to suppress our freedom. He was good to his family and friends obviously but was bad for the nation. His son is free to say what he likes but no one can deceive us. We know what we know…

      • Nnamdi…you just hit the nail on the head. I think a lot of delusionality on the part of the Abacha family is contained in this sentence you composed:

        “He was good to his family and friends obviously but was bad for the nation.”

  4. chika on said:

    Ofili, you forgot to mention how Abacha turned Nigeria into a one-party state. Or who has forgotten that “who the cap fits” advert? Remember the United Nigeria Congress Party and co? How they all unanimously made Abacha their presidential candidate? How come we forget so soon in Nigeria? Any military head of state, dead or alive who in one way or the other thwarted the dream of a democratic government, is a dictator and should be glad he’s not imprisoned for suppression of human rights.

    • Abdul on said:

      I think the writer should say things even Sadiq didn’t say. Sadiq mentioned security but that was never evaluated. Abacha may have been a dictator, but he is a visionary one. the reason he was killed and never to be celebrated was because he thinks Africa is an economic power house as such should take its rightful place on the world stage. He never made it to advance his cause. No one ever will.

      Even in your death, i salute your courage cos very few will ever know you, the general, but the few know how eloquent you were and will always miss you.

  5. omohwonder on said:

    Thanks Ofili for easing my brain. Sadiq is really a kindergarten boy, he is lucky we are not Libyans. I won’t blame him either if not our blocked head president Jonathan with a fish brain. 2015 will never be his portion. If he likes he changes every anti Jonathan ministers and Governors.

  6. Gbolahan on said:

    I had finished Secondary school when Abacha came into power; I was in University when he died. Only the celebrations of Kanu’s GOLDEN GOAL against mighty Brazil in Atlanta’96 could rival the celebration of Abacha’s death. Such was the gloom that had enveloped our national psyche as Abacha’s killer squad murdered so many; incurred the public odiom of Mandela and made us a PARIAH NATION!!! I remember many times as I drove my parents to Ijebu-Ode from Lagos I would kill the car engine and drive on neutral whenever we crested a hill so as to conserve fuel. Can’t forget the polluted stinking fuel that was imported at that time. Abacha was EVIL and nothing his sad kids can say will change the EVIL HIS NAME REPRESENTS!! THAT IS THEIR UNDENIABLE LEGACY.

  7. Adeyemi Oluwole on said:

    Many thanks Mr. Ofili. I did not read the fellow’s letter and probably would not have done so even if I had the opportunity. You see, Nigerians have an incredibly short memory. I remember and do recall all the events of Abacha during that inglorious era. The guy was quite simply a bandit who was completely out of control. I am still boiling for all the atrocities committed against the Nigerian people. Pray, how old was this Sadiq fellow when his father, of inglorious infamy, was raping this country blind? Would he have had the guts to do the window dressing he is now attempting to do if roles have been reversed? That is he being the son of Ken Saro Wiwa or any of the hundreds or probably thousands who were slaughtered by his father? Pray, ask anybody who was living in Abuja at that time about the activities of that death machine called the X-Squad. You will shudder. These animals got away with blue murder because a good number of their victims were unkown and therefor unsung. At the time so many citizens were having their lives snuffed out of them this Sadiq and his ilk were comfortably ensconced in the opulence of Aso Villa, totally shut away from the grim reality that was the lot of the rest of us. These wounds are trying to heal. Please advise this clown not to re-open them by making stupid and garrulous claims. As for Soyinka, he is more than capable of taking good care of himself but a word of advice for him. Please don’t bring yourself to the level of this silly clown. The rest of society knows better, particularly those who were at the receiving end of the nightmare called SANNI ABACHA.

  8. Gbolahan on said:

    oh! I forgot to thank U Ofili for such a write-up. It was concise and well researched. How about the killing of Ken Saro Wiwa & his 8 comrades? The Kangaroo judgement of Obasanjo & Diya? The siphoning of Billions of Dollars in RAW CASH?? GEJ is a sad man & showed he lacked a spine by honouring Abacha. The Obasanjo who ‘installed’ GEJ should have been executed in ’98 if Abacha hadn’t died between 2 Indian Harlots!! God have mercy.

  9. Ofili, u were a dollar short, perhaps a second late….ayo sogunro’s piece would suffice…..let him take the glory. Tell us something else

    • Yewi on said:

      I’m sorry, but this is the dumbest comment I’ve read this week- and I read a lot of dumb ish on Linda ikeji and Laduns blogs! Ayo Sogunros response was a passionate rebuttal. This is an analysis of fact! To be honest, after I read Sadiqs article, I was scratching my head thinking why no one ever talks about this “good”.

      There’s nothing wrong in reading different analysis! The more info we all have, the better critical thinkers we are! So don’t go talking about taking glory! Nigerias issues is beyond glory!

    • Toyinfab on said:

      What is this biko? Is it now a contest? Or did someone start an essay competition on this matter without informing the rest if us? Na was for you o,Sir or Madam. Even Ayo will shake head for you on this

  10. In as much as I would I agree with a lot of what you have said ofili,I would like for us to know that gen.abacha had fundamental merits dat our democracy hasn’t been able to deliver even though these were reasons we clamoured for democracy. I have always had problems with drastic change with no pragmatic plan. Military reign had its dynamics but let’s ask what did we gain and what can we learn and implement in today’s nigeria. Let’s not throw away d child with the dirty water. Most world power in the past and today had very ugly past. The us wrote their constitution knowing that one man with extreme power can be detrimental to democracy,the military regime should have thought us that and we shape our constituion taken consideration of that human nature.

  11. Adeyemi Oluwole on said:

    Gentlemen and Ladies who have read or will read Mr. Ofili’s piece today, please do yourselves a favour. Go out there and buy a copy of today’s Punch. The headline will shock even Sadiq Abacha. It’s all about his kleptomaniac father. Let’s have your reaction. It is so apt.

  12. Amenze on said:

    Great article Ofili. For Sadiq, his refusal to be objective cannot be blamed. After all, he is talking about his father. Truth is like a sunny afternoon. Even the blind knows what the weather is like.

  13. Like you pointed out ofili this boy because thats what he is, has just taken us back and made us actually question alot of things he thought his dad did for the nation which has only thrown open a can of worms…..he should have done well by keeping shut. They would be toast/suya for social media in weeks to come. We have not heard the last of this. Thank you and permission to share
    tally latest post is I May Have A Big Tummy But I Am Still Yummy…….I Love Me And Would Keep Being Positive – Actress Eniola BadmusMy Profile

  14. Segun O on said:

    Thanks for the article. I only wish you publish this in a national daily also. Nigerians are far more enlightened to be fed with shallow facts by the son of a man who ruled with such ruthlessness. For those of us that follow up the Major Mustaphas statements in Oputa Panel, you will discover that this objective analysis can rightly be substantiated. He gave instances of economically manipulating Nigerian Currency.

    Its not what Sodiq wants to make us believe about this seemingly / so-called manipulated achievements on graphs. The big questions are, how does these in any great way positively impact the Fish Monger in Mushin or Onisha Market? Was one of our most unique fundemental human right FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION granted or not? Let him answer these questions conscientiously and objectively and see if he would rather not be seeking forgiveness of Nigerians forever and need to pay back every looted fund he has access to. hmmmm

    Kindly publish this objective analysis of the National Dailies….abeg…..so those who may still be easily manipulated can make their own reasoned and unbiased (detribalized) conclusion

    PS:sorry this touch my core, that is the reason for the epistle oooo jare 🙂

  15. Adeyemi Oluwole on said:

    Gentlemen, take out your calculators and let’s attempt some basic mathematics here. SANNI ABACHA spent 5 years in power and STOLE $4.3 Billion. Right? Ok. Suppose he did not die when he did, what do you think would have happened? I can easily tell you. He would have been installed President by all the lily -livered “five leprous fingers of the same hand” who were busy falling over themselves to adopt this fellow as President. Then, having commuted from military to civilian, the party would have just begun. For the next twenty years or so that he would have been in power, let’s try and imagine how much Abacha would have stolen. He indeed would have been so drunk with US dollars that am sure an oil pipeline would have been built from the Niger Delta straight into Abacha’s bedroom in Kano. Such is the vanity of man. That he stole so much money that he would never need in ten lifetimes easily show one the depravity of the man ruling us. And guess what? I was part and parcel of the jubilant crowd who stormed ikorodu Road and brought traffic to a standstill for several hours on that fateful day when the great news broke. It was terrific. May we never see such a man ever again. Aaaaaaammmmmmeeeeennnn.

  16. Olivia on said:

    I hope Sadiq gets to read your article. He needs the education.
    He should also know I was 16 when his dad died. We took our celebration to the street and danced like we had two left feet.

  17. Hmmm… Ofili, you’ve thoroughly researched this guy! As much as I hate to ask this but I’m curious to know, how come Abacha’s administration could actually reduce inflation rates? Why cant it be done now with all the smart alecs and Havard Economists we have on the Economic Management Team?

    If it is also true that fuel pump prices did go down at some point in Nigeria’s history (and could still go down now), how come our present leaders male it seem like an impossibility or herculean task to make gasoline prices cheaper , more affordable and available for Nigerians?

    I guess I’m asking the questions at the wrong person….you’re not on the Economic Management Team or the coordinating Minister of the Federal Republic.

    I’ll simply rest my case and sip my drink with some snack and hope it all gets better…SMH
    Precious “Pmoney” Nwanganga latest post is Why I don’t “deal” with the policeMy Profile

    • Nnedimma on said:

      Lwkmd @ the “…..actually reduce inflation rates? Why can’t it be done…..” Chei! Oh, Precious! You are precious!!!*peals and gales of laughter*

  18. Chijioke on said:

    I don’t blame Sadiq. He’s defending his family just like many of us will if we’re in his shoes. But the naked truth is his father is a bad man. Only a bad person’s death brings joy to the society.

  19. Adeyemi Oluwole on said:

    Folks, before the last word is written or said on this matter, let us please draw the attention of Gomsu and her brother Sadiq to the comments of the Assistant Attorney-General in the US District Court in Washington, (a neutral third party) about the man who fathered them both, “…Gen. Abacha was one of the most notorious kleptocrats in memory, who embezzled billions from the people of Nigeria, whilst millions lived in poverty, ” she said.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, need we say more?
    I finally rest my case.
    Bless you, my brother Ofili.

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  21. Nsm maru on said:

    I’m a lover of people who do research before they talk. That’s why I must commend you and show you respect. Thanks a lot, we need more youths like this. However, I believe in life we are all entitled to our opinions. Hell, I guess it’s why we are endowed with common sense. Just because I don’t agree with your views doesn’t mean they are wrong and I am right or vise-versa, it simply means we have different ways of interpreting things. No way on earth I’ll personalize any affair or call it bad simply because it favors me or doesn’t favor me. I’m more of the “let everyone benefit” kind of person. No I’m not a martyr, not even by a long shot. I have my weaknesses, my flaws, my own type of incompetences and shortcomings. We all do. No 1 is perfect and no 1 will ever be. However, before you judge me, judge yourself. Before you criticize me, check yourself. Before you jump to the conclusion you are being mistreated, ask yourself what will you do differently if you were in the same position as the one allegedly mistreating you. You see right from the beginning, everything had/has a ripple effect. What goes around always comes back around. Just like Cupid is a bitch, karma is even a bigger bitch and trust me karma always gets her job done. No freaking way on earth will you not get what you deserve. You reap what you sow. SIMPLE. We can’t be not righteous people and expect to be treated righteously. We say the leadership isn’t good everyday, but these same leaders came from within our midst or where they imported? So we are simply ruling ourselves. We say we deserve better leaders but truly, are we better people? In your heart of hearts how good a person are you? On your office table today or this week, how many illegal documents did you sign just to make an extra naira? In the market place, how much did you increase price to make better profits? In school for instance, how many lecturers gave a free period just to pursue some extra business? How many students cheated on that test just to get extra credits? The house boy that didn’t lift up and sweep under the chair just to save time and energy but at the end of the day wants to be paid in full. The painter who added two gallons of water to the paint to increase the quantity so doesn’t have to use the extra money to buy more paint, instead keeps it for himself. I can go on and on. Recharge card dealers that had to increase prices just because their commissions were reduce and now the rest have to suffer the expense? We only try to pretend we are good people but truth be told, we are cheap opportunity seekers. We want the easy way out. Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot of people who struggle to make ends meet. The barrow pusher, the water boy, the hawkers on the streets, the akara seller that will die of lung cancer from sitting in front of that fire for donkey years, yes, they are hard worker and I feel their pain. Nonetheless, if they were in the same position, what makes you feel they will not extort, bribe, cheat, steal or even kill for what they think might make them well off. In this country today, we have lost the core values of being country men, we don’t see nigeria as a nation but rather an opportunity. We are all victims and at the same time conspirators. We are not good people and that is just generalizing it. I really don’t care how this makes you feel or react. I’m simply just tired of being in a situation where no one seems to want something different. Brings me to the question, why pick on the dead man? I’m not a fan of abacha, I didn’t, neither did my parents, nor anyone close to my family gain from the abacha regime. Doesn’t mean I should not respect him. I remember when news of his demise broke, there was a loud celebration back in my school to which I shamelessly took part in. It was a cry of joy that the tyrant was no more. How silly I was growing up. Today, when I look back and read documents, read and listen to speeches, I regret the jubilation. Abacha tried to stable the economy with long term visions and instill discipline in the heart of Nigerians whether you like to believe it or not, however, for not arguing sake, let’s say he didn’t go about it diplomatically, but then that is it, we with our bad behaviors needed a strong hand to push us forward. The west never liked abacha cos mehn that man too get get strong head. He didn’t dance to their tune, he didn’t put his nation in jeopardy just for there interest and he became the terrorist. Inflation was down, interest rates down, foreign exchange down and as soon as he said buy my oil in naira (which would have made the Nigerian economy strong and put nigeria on the map of power countries) he allegedly had an encounter with apples and Indian beauty queen prostitutes. Yes, for not to argue sake, I agree, abacha and his cohorts embezzled. But let me ask you this, if he hadn’t died from Indian queens and apples (allegedly) will we have been talking about how USA froze some $4.3b today? Or will we have been talking about what the naira value is doing in the worldwide market? Today we are discussing some $20bill and just so we can keep quiet, there is no fuel in the country. Okay we have apologized give us fuel, you didn’t steal our money, and I woke up to get a reminder that 0.5% of that missing amount was what abacha stole (not that i condone the theft) and have been confirmed and the accounts frozen. Okay now, lets go there:-
    How does this amount still cover the 20bill missing?
    How will the international institutions who help launder these funds be dealt with?
    Where are those 20 girls?
    Who killed those students and why haven’t they been arrested?
    Where is our 20bill? And I believe Morgan company and chase group have a say in this again.
    Why is no 1 talking about the likes of IBB and the rest who wreaked this country?
    I have no problem if you want to pick on the abachas, I have a problem with picking on the dead guy and leaving the living to enjoy and still keep on turning over stolen loot. We can’t over look big fish and fry the tadpole. No one should be too big to be investigated and if found guilty, brought to book. no one should be too big for nigeria. Assuming the money is recovered what next? Praises all around and everyone forgets those 20 girls, those school kids and the missing 20bill abi? I wonder why we don’t have a Jerry Rawlings in this country, a lot of people would have………

    • Nsm Maru,
      You have raised a lot of issues and questions that people have asked before. Personally I have and would like to answer some the best I can:
      Was Abacha a bad man?
      The answer depends on the role he played in your life. Besides his family and friends, his relationship with the rest of Nigerians was ruler/leader. Beyond the fact that he came to power by illegal means, he suppressed freedom, directed his men to kill people, and stole money that could have been used to develop the country and improve our lot overall. The objective of leadership is to bring prosperity to the people. And Abacha failed in that regard. You mention that he would have instilled discipline in Nigerians. My opinion is that he instilled terror in us all. Buhari would serve as a better example of one who tried to instil discipline in us.

      Have other leaders not stolen as well?
      This is something we all believe. However, unlike Abacha’s case where it has been proven, it remains an allegation in the case of IBB, OBJ etc. What we need is for the government of the day to show balls and investigate them. What is sad is that it has not happened and may likely not happen. If you think about it, perhaps none of the Abacha loot would have been discussed if he was alive. This is all a shame. But I can tell you one thing, the Nigerian people have recognized these other leaders for what they are. This is evident in the way they are taken to task on a variety of issues that arise. This is also why many of our youths will never vote for IBB or Atiku or follow OBJs opinions unquestioned.

      Are Nigerians corrupt?
      By and large we are and you have given different instances of how we exhibit it. The problem is endemic and everyone needs to work to solve it. I do believe that our leaders have primary responsibility to change this. And we need to support policies/laws/agencies that fight corruption.
      Nnamdi latest post is Fuel Scarcity – Back to the QueuesMy Profile

  22. Ayodele Ogunrinde on said:

    Ofili great work. Reducing inflation is a tool while reducing unemployement is an achievement. The so called reduction in inflation under Abacha is misleading because it was a deflation. The economy was strangulated of funds that was how he achieved the drastic reduction in inflation but there was also large scale unemployement and hardship as a result of the strangulation. The secondary benefit of stragulating the economy was how the foreign reserve was built. Building the foreign reserve is also a tool that can allow you better the economy if properly applied rather than looted. Sometimes when the tool looks very attractive let us still ask ourselves if it brought any achievement with it.

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  26. Musa Kaleem Sada on said:

    Most often I do come across vexatious articles like the recent treatise by Wole Soyinka, but for two reasons I never brought myself to commit pen to paper even when the urge was there. One, I am a civil servant and likely possible of running foul of beurucratic mood; two, I always believe that the people who were the butt of such abuses were quite capable of defending themselves.
    Today I am writing not only because the man in question is dead or I have overcome my fear, but because the credibility of such a mendacious accusation deserves the reply of those privileged, to straighten things.
    I was not only privy to the centenary award committee meeting in question, but was equally privileged to know some things that probably Soyinka does not know,and if he does, that further worsens the case he was trying to protect.
    I would like to make it clear here that what ever might have been the reason behind Soyinka’s write-up, he has done more harm than good, by that write-up not only to his reputation as a writer, but the Southwest he was presumably trying to protect. I do believe that crass mischief rather than integrity as claimed was the reason for his ill conceived and un informed write up.

    The truth is I have read if not all, then almost all the literature that was written after Sadiq Abacha’s response to Wole Soyinka’s infantile nonsense. Some were heart rending comments, some intellectual, some mischievious while some were abusive! However, I am happy with most of the comments as they have, to a large extent vindicated the late General.
    Was it a lie about the achievements we made in commerce, reducing the inflation rate under Sadiq’s father or was it a lie that we had security as Sadiq Abacha mentioned?
    How many projects, hospitals and schools were created?
    These were the issues that I expected people sympathetic to Wole Soyinka to challenge, assuming they had a grain of worth!! What kind of infantile nonsense is that?
    What kind of people are those on the side of Soyinka that they have errorneously been convinced that Abacha killed Abiola and fought their master rather than seeing it the other way round! To Soyinka and his followers, even the centenary celebration was aimed at fighting them simply because somewhere along the way somebody may say thank you to Jonathan.
    To them anything that attracts gratitude is anti Soyinka and such a thing is a direct attack on him. It is annoying to see a bunch of educated people all believe in one thing simply because it meets the craziness of their average intelligent master!
    If the president celebrates Nigeria at 100 it is to fight Soyinka, if he honours his predecessors it is to fight Soyinka!
    Anything good is against Soyinka!
    One then asks the question, is Soyinka a devil? How can he be fanatical against good and be so fussy in fighting it? Only devil does that! If he has no sense of good or bad are those around him equally like him? How come nobody can stand up to him and tell him the truth that he is not so important and that Nigeria has outgrown him or will not be governed his way so much so that it will be so over worked as to how to injure him? Only a mad man like him injures a dead man and we are not mad!
    The centenary event held without Soyinka and it was not a flop.
    Assuming I am like you, i’ll name many that failed in their various angles while hanging on to same nobel prize but I will not because some are parents, children and deceased and I respect that. If you can not be generous enough to tell us the facts then shut up because you all were never qualified to respond to Sadiq!!
    First, we all have fathers, secondly,most of you displaying your literary skills on behalf of Soyinka are volunteers like me, but unlike Sadiq and if you could not solid arise with a fellow son, I expected simple empathy not recourse to mischief to the extent of calling a full fledged General(who never skipped a rank), a war veteran, a President and more importantly a departed father names that he’s far above! I am sure the same way you helped Soyinka without any justification, on this only God will help you the day it is your turn!

    Again,I thought for somebody that intelligent,he was above being stupid or if circumstances were such that he must hate or injure a dead man even when the mood was celebratory,he should have picked a known error of the late president on a different day,not to sabotage the holistic effort of President G.E.Jonathan to bring unity in all parts of Nigeria buffeted by years of divide and rule, acerbated by people like Soyinka,a man considered a literary figure,yet seek to make a mince meat of dear Nigeria.
    It is noteworthy to note that the centenary award committee comprised of professionals from various sectors, thorough bred academicians, seasoned civil servants and unfortunately a couple of misfits in the midst of credible men and women which two (2) out of twenty six (26) members were Soyinka’s kinsmen while one (1) was his close relative. These inept three, out of misplaced ego or hopeless bravado recommended Wole Soyinka to make the list and were equally prevailed upon by Soyinka to remove the late Generals’ name which they did, unsuccessfully! Wole Soyinka could have silently rejected the honour through those that he cleverly made to recommend him for obvious reasons.
    Now, in Soyinka’s attempt to hoodwink the gullible and walk logic on its head, he did not only abused the respect we used to have for his intelligence, but went further to rubbish any modicum of intelligence that he possessed.
    If he did not have the facts he should have asked and if he had them he should have simply kept mum or say them correctly with clear reason not the balderdash he said to satisfy himself and some people in his region we thought he was better than!

  27. @ Musa Kaleem Sada, I am disappointed in you to say the least! I am tempted to pick on the issues you raised but on a second thought, I realized I would be glorifying them. Say all that you wish, but guess what? We are not fools in Nigeria. No mater how long ago that the dictator died, we know what we went through and no form of window dressing cum facts distortion can change that experience. I wonder how you slept after writing this!

  28. Ayodeji on said:

    ℓ̊ was in sss1 when Abacha died and at that age in my life ℓ̊ was not fully matured †☺ comprehend the extent of Abacha’s inhumanity to Nigerians but the news of his death brought instant dance †☺ my feet, joy and relieve †☺ my soul and later that night ℓ̊ remember asking myself why should we all celebrate the death of a human ƪĩк̣̣̥ε our’s?

    Though my mind could never let go of the Abacha stove ingenuity of nigerians and the fear at the mention of his name, also the pain of not seeing my beloved super eagles play at the 1996 nation’s cup.

    Yes, that night all on my bed, ℓ̊ could see the visions of a new nigeria, of hope, of reality of dreams and of a free and united people (even the Northerners aroound us celebrate his death) irrespective of tribe or religion. June 8, 1998 was one of Nigerians unmatched historical unity on a purpose.

    How will ℓ̊ erase from my young mind the stolen dream of a better nigeria, how can ℓ̊ forget the bloodshed of innocent souls (including youths, children , women even foetus too) that watered the crop sown during those years, how can ℓ̊ forget the innocence that was stolen from teenagers ƪĩк̣̣̥ε me whom naturally at our age we should not be concerned with the gory details of politics and the wickedness of man against his fellow man.

    One of the few glorious compensation from Abacha’s death was the 1996 Atlanta victory over Brazil and maybe the little freedom we now enjoyed as even we still have men ƪĩк̣̣̥ε Abacha at the corridor of our nation’s affairs (only there tactics differ).

    We can never forget, generations unborn will be told and the Abacha family should just accept the fact that their brother, father and husband can only be compared †☺ #Hitler and his death camps which will forever remain a scar on the souls of men.

    Afterthought- ℓ̊ also enjoy the lecture free day and the camaraderie between students and teachers in school the day after Abach’s death.

  29. I’m just glad its never happening again,was too young to understand anything when it happened but as I grew up I always wished he had allowed Abiola rule maybe things might have being different and his legacy might have being better.

    I wished he had let go, he was good in his own way but he lead himself to his downfall.
    LB latest post is Someone Is Watching.My Profile

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