Let’s Get 25 Kids Into School Today (Update: All Kids Are In School Now)

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UPDATE: All 25 kids are in school! Thanks!

Last week I posted this picture of 2 sisters on Instagram. I meet them at a Makoko Primary School while shooting a documentary for a “Teach For Nigeria” project.

2 sisters

While the other kids ran around in their school uniforms, the 2 sisters instead roamed around in their bright dresses. I found out they were pulled out of school because of fees … in the words of their mum “business was bad.”

And that is the reality for many of the kids living in this area.

Fortunately an anonymous donor was able to send N50,000 to cover tuition and uniform for both sisters for a year and get them back to school.

2 sisters 2

But there are even more children in that community and other communities that need help getting into good schools.

Fortunately, this particular school was able to give us a comprehensive list of students in the community that for one reason or the other are not able to afford to go to school. The total cost to get a student in school is approximately N25,000 for a year.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of the 25 students below, you are more than welcome to email the school directly at kenadeprivateschool@yahoo.com but please cc me at ofili@ofilispeaks.com so that I can help track your payment and ensure your funds are routed to the right channels.

1. Akehin Precious: Poor family background (Jude via O: January 21)
2. Ujitola Comfort: Polygamous home (Tomi.D: February 8)
3. Jackson Ibukun: Polygamous home (Chidibere via O: January 22)
4. Ikuomola Emmanuel: Father bedridden (Gozie via O: January 21)
5. Solomon Emmanuel: Polygamous home (Morinsola: January 19)
6. Stephen Deborah: Polygamous home (Morinsola: January 19)
7. Anagha Fortune: Separated parents (Morinsola: January 19)
8. JEJE Elizabeth: Single parent jobless (Morinsola: January 19)
9. Favour Egbowon: Polygamous home (Ugo: January 20)
10. Ogbona Audace: Poor family (Jerry: January 24th)
11. Emehinola Damilare: Father sick (Daniel.B: January 26)
12. Ebiesuwa Ayokari: Polygamous home (Gozie via O: January 21)
13. Nana Opere Wisdom: Jobless parents (Shirley: January 31)
14. Dare Elebiju: Separated parents (E.Layode: February 8)
15. Tito Damilola: Disability (Fidelie: January 21)
16. Ogundairo Iyabo: Poor widow (Nwando: January 29)
17. Chioma Dickson: Poor family (Ngozi.O: February 8)
18. Ogechi Ukpai: Polygamous home (Anonymous. L: February 9)
19. Ajimuda Juwon: Poor widow (Daniel.B: January 26)
20. Omosefunmi Gbolahan: Poor family (Adura: February 8)
21. Ejagbomo Lola: Poor family(Anonymous. L: February 9)
22. Toyin Afolabi: Poor family (Yvonne March 16)
23. Egbefa Emily: Polygamous home (Yvonne March 16)
24. Kope Mariam: Polygamous home (Talktous: Jan 25)
25. Samuel Ibeh: Poor widow (Shirley)

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Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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  1. Thanks for bringing this to the fore. Please can you provide the account details to make payment towards the sponsorship of these beautiful children? I am also interested in this Teach for Nigeria project as I believe poor teacher quality is the bane of our deteriorating (not dead) educational system. Kudos to you Ofili, your children and generations unborn will surely reap the reward of your good deeds.

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