You Have Just Won A Lifetime Supply Of Oxygen

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A few days ago, a co-worker of mine informed me that he had been selected as the winner of FREE travel voucher to South Africa. He was beyond ecstatic! But deep down I already knew where it was headed…it was one of the many FREE travel vouchers with conditions over conditions that ended up making the trip not FREE but expensive! It was a marketing scam that preyed on the excitement of their victims…I drew this sketch based on that marketing scam model…imagine getting an email saying that you have won a free life time supply of OXYGEN…as crazy as it is imagine that you have limitations as to how and where you can redeem your free OXYGENATED price. This is what happens everyday on the internet, on TV and now on Social Media…marketers giving out scam gift to lure over excited buyers…be careful.

PS: Before I forget my co-worker got a voucher for a hotel in South Africa, but he has to pay for his flight tickets and organize his VISA…talk about a gift worth not receiving…


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