Why The Education Minister’s Gift To Talented Young Poet Is Funny

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“Chukwuemeka Obi-Obasi, a 10-year-old poet and son of friend and writer, Chinyere Obi-Obasi, has been rewarded by the Federal Government with N6 million scholarship for his display of literary talent. The supervising Minister of Education, Chief Nyesom Wike, announced the award, and said President Goodluck Jonathan approved the scholarship to encourage the emergence of fresh talents.”

KEEP CALM-2If I talk now they will say I am hating. They will say how can you not be happy that this boy has gotten N6,000,000 for his exceptional talent.

But you see, the issue is not whether his talent is exceptional or not, the issue is under what program, what budget is this money coming from, is it tax payers money or oil money. The other issue is whether Nigerians … common Nigerians actually had knowledge about this donation I mean scholarship program I mean I don’t even know what to call it.

This is the Federal Minister of Education that happened to hear a poetry performance at an event and was so moved by it that he called the President of Nigeria, who approved the scholarship almost immediately! The same two people who have been dragging their feet on the ASUP strike for months!

The same people in charge of shitty dorms and hostels that pester our universities … the same people that are in the midst of student protests from school fee increase in OAU. Should the N6,000,000 not be used for something else? Who knows?

But again I ask, what program? Whose Budget? Where is this N6,000,000 coming from?

Or is this simply the case of that talented kid with the connected mum that happened to be at the right place at the right time simply because of connection?

If the federal government really really wants to encourage the emergence of fresh talents. Maybe they should set up an actual program that cuts across the 36 states of Nigeria, maybe they should publicize it so that as many people as possible know about it, maybe they could partner with one of the game shows, such as Nigeria Got Talent or Nigerian Idol to publicize their interest for youth talent.

But no … all that is too complex … too unsexy, they will rather lazily give it to that chance kid in front of the cameras so they can be seen as doing something good. So they can add it to their list of achievements before 2015 reaches … meanwhile our schools burn in neglect.

And what about us? We Nigerians? We are too excited to see the bullshitness of the whole situation, the irony of the whole situation. We are instead caught up with the story of an exceptionally talented kid that no one actually heard perform (not doubting his talent), caught up with the generosity of our President and Educational Minister. Blown away by their expediency to act on things … while we ignore the serious shit ravaging our country’s Educational sector due to their inaction.

At the end of day I am sad for our nation and congratulate Emeka for the 6 million he received… but then again I ask what program, whose budget?

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twitterWritten By Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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26 comments on “Why The Education Minister’s Gift To Talented Young Poet Is Funny

  1. Ofili, ngwa kwuba eziokwu. Ebee ka I bi? Honestly you find out Nigerian news faster than those that live in Naija. Na winchy winchy things abi na illuminati things? Cos this one done pass technology o.

  2. mikael on said:

    ofili I loooove u, no homo o!! ,wen u ar in a country were 200 girls whom suddenly hv no names nd parents or guardians can jst disappear nd dey start escapin frm dier kidnappers claws bit by bit, den the.ministry of education gvin out 6million scholarship.jst like dat wld cme as.no suprise at all, TIN (this is Nigeria) scamin its citizens is a normal thing

  3. Kelechi on said:

    don’t know what to say.
    Nicely written tho, as always, with as much (and well deserved) vulgarity.

  4. Bibii on said:

    6 million naira??? Hmmm I hope they are saving money to rebuild the schools that have been burnt down by Boko haram. Has the education minister visited some secondary schools and even higher institutions where there are no laboratories, adequate facilities and teaching aides? What about half baked – undone teachers that are scattered around the country, is there a plan to train and monitor them??( Our problem in Nigeria has pasted the level of all this acting o!) Yet they are saying our army do not have weapons to tackle Boko haram….. Misplaced priorities

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Well said Bibi. You raised many of the salient points about this acting Minister of Education that annoys me. Invisible minister.

  5. If not properly read, this would look like a haters post, but i get, its not. Very true. 6million?? hmm, that money could’ve been invested in something worthwhile. Even if they wanted to give it out for scholarship, like you said it really should’ve been advertised! I’ve searched and searched for Literary competitions in the country, by the govt, but I’ve been unfortunate to find none, and if i managed to find a few sef, it’ll be set in some far away state like Kogi or Ogun. Now I’m hearing about 6mil! Hmmmm, the creative minds and talents of our less privileged youths shall never die due to lack of platforms to express them. Amen

  6. Witness on said:

    Lol! Ofili. U do sound like Bad belle in this article. But eh…you have said the truth. Nigeria detests sustainable structures and systems for development. In your words, it’s too unsexy. God help us in this country.

  7. Oni Oluwamuyiwa on said:

    Read this and can’t stop laughing. An award is given and the opportunity doesn’t affect other Nigerians in the same opportunity. This isn’t the first time something related to “this” has occurred. I stand to be corrected but if the opportunity was thrown open, the story would have a different ending. Anyways Congrats to the Kid, atleast you Won something and that’s something to be proud of…

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Yeah…happy for the kid But just wish our journalists do a better job in pushing and investigating the stories. But when NTA covers it, that is a guarantee not to happen.

  8. Manny on said:

    I was a little bit disturbed when I read the story a few days ago. I kept asking myself why I couldn’t just congratulate the boy and move on to the next story. I kept wondering if there had been a poetry competition and he was the winner. If it was something like the Million’s Poet show and he won, that’s fine. But to single out a boy without any competition from others and reward him with tax-payers money is just not it. If it was personal money, why not? This is the same thing that happened with Gov. Oshiomhole and the widow. The money sure did not come from the governor’s personal purse. Anyway, let me not talk too much. I’m sure this boy and his family already gave a testimony in church and the testimony has been covered with the blood of Jesus. I should fear arrows and shut up.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      “I’m sure this boy and his family already gave a testimony in church and the testimony has been covered with the blood of Jesus. I should fear arrows and shut up.”

      lol…so funny but very feasible. I can picture the prayer …may the enemies of my son’s progress be destroyed in Jesus name! THE END.

  9. The ability to dissect issues and not allow sentiments to colour our perception of issues is what we need to liberate us from the gimmicks and abracadabra that the politicians are playing.
    I felt overjoyed at the logical and dispassionate way you treated this event and I must say I agree with you totally
    topazo latest post is BittersweetMy Profile

  10. dammy on said:

    @ ofilli, welldone as usual n i totally agree with you, resources are usually used without being result oriented, n 4 d arrow of prayers part, dts y nt al prayers are answered d way we want it or the way the boy’s ppl … lol

  11. Ayotunde on said:

    It’s definitely God’s blessing to the little kids, why beef them when my miracle is on the way. Even if this little kids were not rewarded with the money. Nigeria government will still mismanage it.

  12. VICTOR CHIJIOKE on said:

    I weep for education in Nigeria. Imagine Zimbabwe having a literacy rate of 99%. And Nigeria? Well, 35%. There is just no educational system in Nigeria. I weep for education in Nigeria.

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