Where have all the #Ambode Celebrity Supporters Gone?

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On the night Ambode won the Lagos state election … I happened to drive past the den of the Lion of Bourdillon and the traffic was crazy but the celebrations were even crazier. And that was the day I lost complete hope in Nigerian politics …

Here was a man who had stumbled through debate after debate after debate. Who stumbled so badly that he started dodging debates as in the case of the “Rubbin Minds” program on Channels TV where he was inexplicably absent for a live televised debate with challenger Jimi Agbaje.

But despite his stutters in the debates, his lack of answers, the worrying emptiness of his ideas, his cluelessness on a number of key issues. Celebrities who I love and admire were busy singing a different tune … you know that tune … that ubiquitous “Gbagbe” tune that made you buggy down in your car. That jingle that ended with the now chilling words VOTE AKINWUNMI AMBODE FOR GOVERNOR OF LAGOS STATE.

And Lagos did just that!

Now we have containers falling left right and center, traffic grid lock from mainland to island, thieves attacking in broad daylight … and those celebrities, the ones singing the jingles, telling us to vote for Akinwunmi Ambode, throwing up the “A” hand signs, dancing shoki … well they are nowhere to be found.

But who can blame them?

If you collect ambassador money from MTN and MTN starts misbehaving by contract you cannot speak out against them. So in the same way, if you collect Ambode ambassador money and he starts misbehaving like he is doing now our celebrities smiling below cannot speak … they are compromised and for how much? How much where they paid to sell out their fans? How many questions did they ask before signing the contract?


But then again maybe it is too early. Maybe somehow Ambode will miraculously turn things around. Just maybe. But if it is based on what I saw and heard in the debates … I am very very doubtful.

But at least we will always have this awesome song “Gbagbe”  to jam to!

“Ambode na em be the one, make the others reverse.” -MI
“E don tey when we don dey pray, for the governor wey go make us dance again. – Ice Prince
“Shay na jolly we go dey jolly. For a better tomorrow for a better everything. Ambode for Lagos state.” – Ice Price
“Ambo, a choro m Ambo. Together we go make am. Oya make we follow Ambo.” – Yemi Alade
{Waves Flag} {Waves Flag Again} {Waves Flag then smiles} – Desmond Eloitt

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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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11 comments on “Where have all the #Ambode Celebrity Supporters Gone?

  1. Igbegocho on said:

    I’ll lose hope when I become part of the majority of Nigerians who never look past themselves, the present and sentiment. It has become very frustrating to have an intelligent conversation with people who you would think should know better. I heard Fashola sacked Ambode? Can someone confirm or refute this for me please.

    • Ofili

      I heard about it also. But people talk about it as if Ambode left voluntarily. I doubt it sha. I know Fashola was heavily opposed to Ambode.

  2. Maybe the celebrities can’t speak up cos their contracts may have expired…

    *Strolls away singing the local jingle that broke the internet..sorry the air waves. ‘Amboooo, Ambo… ‘*

    • Ofili

      I had to o. I tire. How can our generation be collecting money and endorsing candidates without due diligence. And how can they be quiet now?

  3. chukwukadibia on said:

    It’s soo sad,buhari appointed Amaechi his minister,so for three months or more,w waited for that rubbish ministerial list? I pray for Nigeria.

  4. Well, in response to Igbegocho, he wasn’t sacked technically. He retired voluntarily after years of *meritorious* service. Ofili once again has spoken ☺dont blame the celebs, they only did what celebs do. Besides, everyone can’t support the same sides
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  5. Dotun Oyeyemi on said:

    We told them (Lagosians) that JK was ok but they choose swag over substance. It serves them right jare. 2019 is fast approaching and the question is do we (Nigerians) ever learn?

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