When I Was In Primary School I Failed English

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When I was in primary school I failed English.

I could not write an essay to save a chickens life. And if I had to answer comprehension questions to rescue a drowning mosquito…the mosquito was as good as dead. I just sucked at English. And no…my sucking at English did not stop in Primary school, it carried over to Secondary school, where I just managed to get through English.

So when people come up to me and say…wow you write so well. I am like…you should have seen my shit several years ago. In primary 1 and JSS1 and SSS1…it was horrible.

But I kept at it…or at least I tried…

Because a lot of times I would see what other more accomplished bloggers and authors would write and convince myself that I was not good enough. And we all do that…comparing ourselves at the start with people that have been doing it for years. Not only do we do it, others do it and they discourage us. And we listen …. when we know we shouldn’t.

But if we saw just how bad others were when they just started then we would give ourselves some credit. Just check out these 6 pictures from Ray Sampang below:


In 2008 his drawing of Carrie Underwood would have made you laugh and not because you were happy!

But just 5 years later his drawings have improved and drastically. He no longer needs to write the name of who he is drawing … his portraits literarily speak for themselves. But according to Ray he went through the same comparison and self-doubt struggles that we all go through…

“In the beginning, I compared myself to other artists that were light years ahead of me … and got frustrated and discouraged when I couldn’t match up to them.”

However he adds…

“As long as you keep at it and continue enjoying what you do, you’ll get to where you want to be.”

So don’t get frustrated and discouraged when  your “stuff” is not as good as you want it to be. Just go at it, keep practicing, keep loving what you create and one day you will be blown away by what you can do! Especially when you realize this blog is written by someone who still really sucked at English.

References: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/07/drawing-progress-photos_n_5533734.html

twitterWritten By Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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Author: Ofili

Words by Okechukwu Ofili of ofilispeaks.com
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35 comments on “When I Was In Primary School I Failed English

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Prince Laj apologies for the issues. Not sure why your comments went to spam, but I have fixed it now.

    • Maths always gave me some stress too in secondary school. Mehn…..my friends will solve equations without even blinking and I’ll be like “Chai…see person like me o!”
      But like he said,I kept practicing in the uni and in my final year I noticed I loved statistics. My coursemates will even bring their research data to me to analyse for them. I’m still learning sha,so I no go dodge my pikin when them bring quadratic questions as homework. Lol

  1. Tony robbins once said that It isn’t what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.. Thanks for sharing this powerful reminder.

  2. Evangelist ofili, great job. You are right, Its all our fault bro. We compare our backstage with other people’s sold out, star studded, stage performances. Then we go back in and tell ourselves why we can’t succeed. Even if it’s obvious that you are better than some people, the fact that they started performing earlier gives them an edge.

  3. iyke on said:

    You sucked at english wheras ℓ̊ tried τ̅☺ love it but years later ℓ̊ lost ♍Ɣ zeal whn the quest τ̅☺ make money came to play a part I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ ♍Ɣ life. ℓ̊ got the skill of writing but hv not developed it τ̅☺ the level ℓ̊ would love . God help me

  4. We would really love to see a replica of one if those essays. Please?
    I’m sure you can find one if you’re inclined to.

  5. Babs on said:

    Nice piece! Inferiority complex always discourage from achieving our best. Many were not at their best at school but have later in life turned out to be gold at the same thing they previously were not good at. Thanks for this Ofili

  6. muyiwasoares on said:

    Your case is the exception and not the norm..writing skills becomes noticable at a relatively young in individuals..as the get older,they develop the skill and sometimes become great writers!

  7. This blog used to cure cancer some months ago now it cures hunger, this is serious. That artist was probably concious about his development. He most likely would have had to take on the tough task of painfully drawing a better picture than he did the previous time. But props to him i loooooove that Dr House picture lower corner on the left.

  8. Hey ,really used to compare myself to other bloggers and felt I was not good enough-maybe I should use more big grammars and other styles but I realized everyone is unique.Style is Style.This write-up was very motivating.Thanks!#PracticeMakesPerfect#NeverSayNever#KeepOnKeepingOn

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