What Would We Have Done #aluu4

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Would we have noticed if the 4 victims were killed because they were gay?
Would we have been angry if they were actually guilty?
Would we have even gotten out of our cars to stop the Mob if we had a chance?
Or driven by like we normally do in those circumstances?

What would we have done?
I don’t know the answers…but the questions are still worth asking.

In Memory of Lloyd, Tekena, Ugonna and Chidiaka who lost their lives on Friday 5th October to Mob Justice.

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4 comments on “What Would We Have Done #aluu4

  1. villebilingue@gmail.com on said:

    in all sincerity, Given the Nigerian attitude, I feel that we may have done nothing. I am certain that some were too scared of other people’s reaction and so they kept mute and watched

  2. I would have run for help. I would run to school and gone for the SUG president at the SUG building, you see, i schooled in Lagos. If it were in UNILAG, in one hour they would have gathered 1,000 boys to the scene and stopped the naked parade just because they were students of UNILAG. I recognize that i might not have been able to do much but the Student Union Government are the closest authority who would not need any paper work before going to rescue the boys, they would take action immediately. This is why i believe the PH SUG should be ashamed of their laxity.

  3. I stand for what i believe.
    I may be a Nigerian but i stand apart from the crowd and i think differently; the stuff that heroes are made of i have it. I have zoe life in me and i acknowledge this daily!
    Tessa latest post is Sunday Tonic!My Profile

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