What Happens In The Shower Should Not Stay In The Shower

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Did you know…I can do a flawless impersonation of Dikembe Mutombo down to the finger wagging. Or that I can freestyle 2 minutes straight to almost any rap beat. Or that I can recite original poetry of the top of my head.

The truth is that you’ll never know any of that, because I have never carried it beyond the shower. It somehow goes down the drain every morning. I could blame it on life and a host of others things…but the truth is that I have never pushed myself to rap outside the shower or to perform poetry outside the shower or to add my Dikembe Mutombo voice impersonation  to any of my speeches.

But my situation Is better than most. At least I have written some (emphasis on some) poetry, I have tried some rap karaoke and done several impersonations of other people (except Dikembe) on stage.

But so many others have not…they are too afraid of the world…scared about what the world would think about their shower talent. The thing is that you will never know how good you are until you take it out of the shower and that is the truth…So the next time you are in the shower, think about the songs you sing, the dance moves you make, the ideas you create…because there is something magical about being naked and wet, it liberates your thoughts and stimulates your creativity. In the shower you are invisible and powerful, but you only realize that if you take it out of the shower…

 PS: This sketch was stimulated by my January 11th afternoon shower…luckily it did not go down the drain.

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22 comments on “What Happens In The Shower Should Not Stay In The Shower

  1. God know this Topic is like an eye opener. It goes to touch one’s consciousness about those big ideas that comes to mind while in the shower, Business Idea defence rehearsals….and so on. But, immiediately you leave the bathroom, all will fly away. But, my desire to have a Blog birth while I was in the bathroom. Its a nice piece, wow! Maybe I’ll record one of my bathroom rythms soon and see what comes outta it. Thanks Boss.

  2. Praisescribe on said:

    I agree with the Shower piece totally. Great sonnets, lines, praise and worship remixes and jazz has flowed out of any good shower. There something about being vulnerable and naked that unleashes your creativity. Lol. Good one.

  3. I can sing all of adele’s songs really well….In the shower. Maybe I should audition for something. After reading this post, I think I just might. Thanks again Ofili.

  4. LOL this funny but true. Personally i can mimic voices a lot(both in the shower and outside) i always amaze my friends whenever i pull off a Colonel dubaku voice of the 24 series or a john okafor of Nolly wood. I was shocked the first time i earned money for voicing a commercial back in school (it was called a voice over) almost ‘lost it’ when i realised that people make so much money in Nigeria as ‘voice over artists’. My point is : these ‘little’ talents really matter and could even fetch anyone a FORTUNE. Thanks for putting this up man!

  5. Wow! God bless the day I met Ofili (yet to meet him in person though). Everyone desiring to sharpen his or her creativity should suscribe to this blog. Interestingly, one of the best places to be creative is when you are alone…and trust me, the bathroom it is…lol
    Emeka latest post is THE BOSS OR THE BOXEDMy Profile

    • Ofili

      that is the truth Emeka…in the bathroom is where we are alone and creativity thrives in alonessss…and when all fails…”dance Emeka dance”

  6. OluwaSegun M O on said:

    superb! You nailed it again! Often times i actually rush down to my hardcover note and just pour it all down, but the problem has always been taking that 1st bold step…lol ..hmm “no giving up” ill sure go! znx 4 dis

  7. Joy Amen on said:

    I belong to a group where different talents come to form a body, most of the members are singers and each i am been ask to sing, i will shy away by saying “Please i am not a singer” The truth is that i can sing better than some of them when i am in the shower! After reading this post, I think I just might. Thanks again Ofili.

  8. Phoebe Ashong on said:

    I should keep a tape recorder in the bath. Ironically my best poetry is penned in there…hmmm. Otherwise I’ll get water on my IPad…

  9. The ability to rap quickly and clearly is sometimes regarded as an important sign of skill. In certain hip hop subgenres such as chopped and screwed, slow-paced rapping is often considered optimal. The current record for fastest rapper is held by Spanish rapper Domingo Edjang Moreno, known by his alias Chojin, who rapped 921 syllables in one minute on December 23, 2008.

  10. “…there is something magical about being
    naked and wet (either from sweat or *coughs*)….” Yes very inspiring ofili Shower time is NoLimits time …. Something happens between the shower door and the stage tho. Its called self criticism.

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