We Crazy People…We Are Not Alone…

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It seems that all I did last year was make mistakes left, right and center. It’s like someone up there decided that I was going to learn a whole lot! 

I suddenly found that those random ramblings I had going on in my head that I put down in my memo pad, was not peculiar to just me. Other people could relate to them.

As 2012 brought me unexpected twists and turns. Some good, some bad, I realized that it also taught me some valuable lessons. For one, there’s actually a lot of people like you out there. If you haven’t found them…rest assured, you will. Because you are absolutely not the only crazy one with crazy ideas. Someone up there made sure you’ll have company.

It also taught me that no matter how hard you fall or how low you sink…if it won’t kill you…then it sure made you stronger. I can’t count the number of time this year I felt like I died. I know I am being quite dramatic here, but I’m sure you get the message. And then of course it hit me, apparently, we’re all phoenixes and when we “die” we just come back through those ashes. Kind of like shedding bad skin. Its not pretty when it happens, but it still does. And you come out better.

2012 also taught me the beauty of inner peace. Yep, I found that this year. If you didn’t find yours last year, you probably will eventually, or you already have and you didn’t recognize it. Inner peace is seeing the world through bigger eyes. Eyes that embody every good side we have. Discovering your inner peace, is like diminishing that side of you that’s naturally selfish and becoming all-giving and selfless. Its fluid, and graceful.

I’m human of course, I have my moments. But inner peace doesn’t make those moments last.

In 2012, I met some individuals that changed my whole way of thinking. And by meet, I mean figuratively. I haven’t actually met half of them. They are the ones who showed me that I wasn’t crazy for dreaming big and that I can do anything regardless and my mind is my only limitation. Those people show me that things can change, if I want them to. And if I work hard enough…then the sky is my limit can be my starting point.

In 2012, I learnt that other people were not put on the earth to be your heroes or supporters. Even if they’re related to you. They don’t owe you anything. And if they’re kind to you, well, they’re doing it because they want to.

In 2012, I learnt to let go of grudges, accept the changing nature of people and also realize that you can’t possibly know what people are thinking and that’s that.

In 2012, I learnt not to judge anyone. Not to cast a single stone for no reason. To look at everything through detached eyes and from every side.

In 2012, I learnt and in 2013, I intend to practice. And learn even more…

P.S: If you watch the kung fu panda movie part 2, it might give you a better understanding of inner peace.

Article written by RED…

Approximately 20 years ago, RED crashed into planet Earth from Mars. She was meant to crash into yankee, but somehow ended up in Nigeria. She has no regrets being in Nigeria, but fights actively against the decay and rot in Nigeria especially in its Universities. To be honest, RED cannot really fight…cause she loves peace. So instead of fighting she writes and uses her words as a weapon to create change in Nigeria. And she won’t stop typing until…



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25 comments on “We Crazy People…We Are Not Alone…

  1. Yeah RED, I share the same spirit, no wonder I got used to saying, “Its all good” or “We’ll be fine.” It was this peace within that just assures me that all is well, even in the well. Lol. Met some great people too, figuratively. I haven’t actually met them, Ofili inclusive. *winks*. Hope to learn more in 2013, and above all, to take M.A.L.T – More Action, Less Talk!
    God bless you.
    Emeka latest post is THE BOSS OR THE BOXEDMy Profile

  2. michael shumaker on said:

    Hey RED!, 🙂 I feel u!, lyk smtyms I jst sit dere wif dese crazy ideas nd when I share em ppl fink I’m crazy, bt I learnt 2 dat when dey fink its crazy dats when I knw its truly original,nd I tend 2 shw em e can be done,establishd quite a num,nd many mre 2 cme,nd yeah smtyms we,u,I feel lyk we d only ones around nd oda ppl dnt jst get it, nd I jst wonda y are dey so few! Dat ar rili crazy? Arrhhh its killin smtyms,bt iv learnt 2 accept ma awesme uniqueness nd ma gifts nd d moment I did I found ma inner peace,I made sme decisions last year,I knw I want regret sme :),sme I already rippd it fruits, I fink 2012 was a significant year nt only in ma lyf bt in every1, I fink it was unique in its own way,nd I neva blived hw much I cld learn in jst 12months 🙂 #its incredible when u fink of it, nd I give glory 2 God.
    bt I do knw 1 fin ,if u are crazy wif crazy ideas out dere U ARE NOT ALONE,
    I knw smetyms it feels like u d only 1 on d part bt truf is deres more ppl like u out dere,findin dem is were I fink deres wrk,
    Well RED fnks for d articul re assurin me dat I’m nt d only 1 out dere 🙂 lol, I’m inspired.fnks
    #Damn I shld be a writer, jst sayin,jst sayin.lol 🙂

  3. *blushing terribly* Thank you, thank you, you’re all far too kind. And I am so glad you all relate to my article. We are not alone! *drn*

    • I couldn’t drag that limelight away from you if I tried! Big shout-out to Okechukwu Ofili. Huge, huge part of my 2012! *hugs*

  4. Chiemeka on said:

    Lol, Ofili calm down, you should be proud that you’ve created a platform where crazy people can come and feel normal. I finally feel like I’m home.
    As for Red, its nice to meet another fan of kung fu panda, we are not alone. Please where can I read more of Red’s articles?

  5. ritaabuaniah on said:

    Relating to this piece is easy enuf for everybody bcos we are all crazy people(those dat denial dis are d ones in d psyc ward). I left 2012 with dis “down” feelings,hoping to get dis new magic in 2013 1st january. Ishhhh! Am still fighting to get my “inner peace”,i knw it,ive had it bf,where did it go? I love u RED,i love KUNG FU PANDA,i love my SON,i love my HUBBY,i love…….OMG so much love….inner peace jus returned. *smiling*

  6. Amazing article. I totally relate with it.A lot of people have nicknamed me Psycho just for the way my brain works. And am so glad I am not alone on this!Thanks RED and Thanks @Ofilispeaks! *rily thrilled*

  7. Praisescribe on said:

    Yah! Another Kung Fu Panda fan, finally. Lol

    But seriously, I really got your line about the inner peace move. Be still and reflect, expand from your comfort zone, even while you are screaming in your flesh.

    Take a look from a different perspective after all, we were once thought to be odd balls, but hey here we are actually looking at ourselves from a different view point. Learning lessons all the way in 2012 and most assuredly in 2013.

  8. I can totally relate to this, still thinking…… I can’t really say if I have found my inner peace yet , nice one red I’m proud of you cryinnnnnng ryt now.

  9. Does craz¥ actuall¥ exist. Or its jus a state of mind. Ever¥bod¥ gets craz¥ @ one point in time. Can words reall¥ change the world or is the world jus designed to crash. It onl¥ gets better is jus wat we prefer 2 tink. Nelson Mandela didn’t ve words bt his actions changed som ppl’s world. Tupac Shakur had words bt his actions killed his world. Let’s not sa¥ we are goin to change d world bt we can spark up d brains of the little ones lik RED to make deir world brighter.

  10. chineze Ogboh on said:

    I may not be one to drop comments alot….no scratch that. ..I dont drop comments. I just read stuff and comment in my head. But I have to say, I think m addicted to your blog, your books….nd well, ur brain. Lol. Don’t be scared, addicted in a good way.

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