An Hausa Man, An Igbo Man and A Yoruba Man

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Almost everyday I receive a joke via blackberry broadcast that goes like this “An Hausa Man, An Igbo Man and A Yoruba Man.” Typically in the joke, one tribe is depicted as uneducated, another is depicted as a lover of money and the last tribe is depicted as stingy. In some versions others tribes such as Calabar and Fulani are added into the jokes. The jokes are not just limited to blackberry broadcasts, they find their way to weddings and birthday parties and others. While there is nothing wrong with a little bit of laughter the problem is the subconscious effects of the joke that overtime leads to the stereotypical belief that one tribe is smarter than the other or one tribe is better than the other. I am hoping for a day where we could hear a conversation that says “An Hausa Man, An Igbo Man and A Yoruba Man walk into a bar…the End!”

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14 comments on “An Hausa Man, An Igbo Man and A Yoruba Man

  1. Jososft on said:

    Hello Ofili. Good job you’re doing here. I’d like to know if you don’t mind, how you create these cartoon-like photos. What software or programs do you use? You can reply via my mail.

  2. Oge Agim on said:

    Hey Okechukwu! I’m a fan of your work. I’m currently reading your ‘How Laziness Saved My Life’ and I must say, the book has helped me put things into perspective.
    I’m a fresh-out-of-school university gradute with some traits of workaholism, but reading this book has helped me prioritize my time, so that no area of my life suffers because of work or deadlines. Thanks! Cheers.

  3. That would be great indeed! I have just invited lots of Nigerians to a friend’s 60th birthday party and, being an oyigbo, have forgotten to pay any attention to the tribes they belong to… Well, let’s hope this time they are only Igbos!
    Wonderful website, by the way, I’ll be sure to visit often.

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