Warning: Your Degree Has Been Compromised

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Warning! Your degree has been compromised.

That was what I said to the students of Covenant University department of Mass Communication when I was invited to speak there about 2 weeks ago…

I was not sure if my message on the dire state of mass communications in Nigeria would connect with the students…. I mean sometimes when you speak, you never know if people listen, or are just clapping for the fun of it.

But this email (see below) that I received from a student reinforced why I do what I do and gave me hope of an un-compromised Mass Communication degree…


Hello Sir,

“So yesterday I had one of the most life changing lectures of my life. It was conducted by Mr. Okechukwu Ofili.

All through the conference I couldn’t pay full attention because I happen to be in the welfare committee and as such I had to run around serving food (sucks!). But during all my running around and serving food … the speaker said something that really got my attention “Mass communication has been compromised”

On hearing this statement, I knew it was time I stopped what I was doing and paid full attention. For some funny reason, that statement really hit home and got me got me thinking…Mass Communication is communication on a mass scale.

With that definition in mind, can we say that there has really been a communication process between the media and the people? NO!!!

We can no longer rely on whatever we hear from the media because they either report lies or exaggerate the truth which in the end only induces the wrong reaction. If that isn’t the case, they wouldn’t address the issue with the right amount of urgency thereby making people focus on what is irrelevant when truly we have bigger problems. This fact alone defeats the whole purpose of mass communication.

During the talk by Mr. Ofili, he made mention of River state governor, Rotimi Amaechi taking ten prominent media personalities to his state in his private jet so that they will be able to attest to the fact that he is doing a good job. Mr. Ofili expressed his disappointment in the fact that even after the trip to Rivers all they could show in the report was pictures of them catching their fun in the private jet.

Then it hit me, that we as mass communicators get easily carried away by material things. These ten people were called to see what the present governor has done in Rivers state and report back to the people but instead they were so carried away by feeling of flying in private jet that they forgot their main assignment.

The truth of the matter is, there’s a lot to say about mass communication being compromised. I pray we won’t find ourselves in a situation where we have to compromise our integrity for any material thing.”

Thank you very much Sir for that talk because it really inspired me as this is my first ever complete write-up that I didn’t have to get marks as an assignment. I used to think I didn’t have an opinion on issues such as this and even if I did, I never thought it was good enough for others to read. Thank you for inspiring me.


covenant chidinmaEmail written by Chidinma Nwaukwa
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  1. Brilliant observation by Chidinma. Even more brilliant by uncle Ofili. Masscomm, like every other field with humans in it has been compromised. So long as good and bad people have access to the same facilities, the bad will always pervert it’s use. The challenge however, is for the good people to rise and maintain the standards so much that the bad folks would dare to be good.

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