What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From John Mayers Submarine Ride

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I drew this sketch right after listening to a new John Mayer song titled Walt Grace’s Submarine Test: January 1967.…weird title. The lyrics of the song connected with me so much so that after listening to the song for like the 20th time in the space of an hour I was inspired to do the sketch below. I am sure you asking “What the heck is so special about the song?” And all I can say is, you have to listen to the song for yourself (you can do so here).
The song is about a man called Walt Grace who had a crazy idea to build a Submarine from his home. Naturally his wife thought he was crazy and his friends said he’d fail if he tried. But with a will to work hard and long nights of studying he was able to build the submarine. He took his home made submarine to sea…the song never really says where he departs from, but somehow he ends up in Asia. His wife receives a call from Tokyo about her husband but again the lyrics never says if he dies or survives his crazy journey. However, at the end of it all his friends have a new level of respect for him and they even name a bar after him.

Aside from the natural brilliance of John Mayer in writing this song, what I love the most about it is the message of determination and success in the lyrics. As an entrepreneur we often have ideas that people think are crazy and sometimes we ourselves think the ideas are crazy. But most times the crazy ideas, the ones that people laugh at are the ones that can change the world. I am currently working on a crazy idea that might influence the way Africans read books…I don’t tell a lot of people about the idea because I think they might laugh at it or tell me about all the ways it will not work. But every time (no kidding) I listen to Walt Grace’s story I smile and I keep plugging away at my idea…who know they might name a bar after me…lol

PS: John Mayer is not paying Ofili for this blog post, but if you buy his album because of this blog post let John Mayer know. That is all I ask. And sssh don’t tell anyone, but the first 5 people to share a crazy idea of theirs in the comment section below get a signed copy of How Laziness Saved My Life, a little reward compensation for reading my blog ramblings.


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33 comments on “What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From John Mayers Submarine Ride

  1. i can totally relate cos i have a lot of crazy ideas, all still private tho 🙂
    most of my friends don’t know i write and i’d like to keep it that way but another part of me wants to know what they think, anyway here’s to leaping into the unknown
    sisijacobs latest post is Connected yet aloneMy Profile

  2. nchewi on said:

    Ofili! The people I respect n adore d most r writers!! In my world, writers r elite! One krazy idea I have, is 2 float a hip clothing brand with imprints of some of ur old sketches *in partnership wit u*! Sell a brand n spread a message @ once! Of cos, I’ll be d number one fan of d brand!! Wot do u think?

  3. ibukun on said:

    I want to go into media, I want to develop a radio station and make Nigeria’s 1st real action sci-fi movie… Shhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  4. I’m 15 going to be 16 in October. I have this crazy plan to start a make-up, gele, nail, photography and spa company. I already registered a business name. A lot of people in my school are quite skeptical about it but I just want to do it. I already started with the make-up and gele part and I’d have added the rest by the end of this year. I’m looking at production and more in about 5 years. That is my crazy plan 😀

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Wow Lade! At 16 you have a lot of crazy ideas…I think I might give you 2 books for that! Do send your contact information so we can get the books to you. Keep on rocking!

  5. Tope O on said:

    Not ‘too’ crazy, but I want to have an ‘all-inclusive’ health/medical center for the elderly. Their one stop place for comprehensive health care. Instead of them having to go from place to place, and deal with different companies.

    Btw, I have that john mayer album “Born and Raised” and I love it.

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Tope…I thought I was the only one enjoying the album…glad to know that I am not alone.

      Your idea although non-crazy to you is crazy especially in our country Nigeria….good luck with your idea…when i grow old i will be looking for your health center.

  6. Balogun Randy on said:

    my crazy idea is to be a football coach… my friends always laugh at me when i tell them, but i have coached my class team 4 times and never losed a match( i think they dont believe in me cause am a little lazy when it comes to working out)… but i believe it will work out for my good one day

    • Ofili
      Ofili on said:

      Being coach is something Super eagles need at this rate. Goodluck with your idea…people might think it is crazy but just keep on at it. Study film and watch the game a lot.

  7. Busola on said:

    Hi Ofili, I totally feel this! I’ve got ideas, loads…lol…. that I wanna unleash! I want to storm the Makeup industry and the acting industry, want to unleash my passion for both. without having attended any acting or makeup school, I already do both. and this is just the least of my ideas….*smiles*

  8. Busola on said:

    Hi Ofili, I totally feel this! I’ve got ideas, loads…lol…. that I wanna unleash! I want to storm the Makeup industry and the acting industry, want to unleash my passion for both. without having attended any acting or makeup school, I already do both. and this is just the least of my ideas….*smiles* Thumps up Ofili

  9. I started an ideas a few months and invited a few close friends to join me and run ops. 3-4 months later after they’ve started asking to be included in what I do even though they opposed my idea at first

  10. Ofili,

    Aaaah,my crazy idea?

    To organize Nigeria’s first kissing contest(kissathon) for nigerian couples.It’s an idea to bring fun back into their marriage.

    Now where’s my book? Expecting!

  11. Moses on said:

    Oh yeah, my crazy Idea’s to start a campus classified (Print Media) where it would be distributed for free. The classified would contain school ads, club ads, concerts, parties, freshers party απϑ so many more. It will eradicate posters cos it would be distributed for free, while ads would be charged for. Lil amount, write ads props to big companies απϑ we brand a page for them, get the school map, share their product souvenirs etc. Quite long though. But, its a great concetp I’ve worked on. But I’m outta school now tryna expand, working on some modalties απϑ registrations for the biz. Thanks.

  12. okechukwu o on said:

    Having and working on crazy ideas have become my life’s signature. It is indeed great fun to see what people thought was a stupid move become a celebrated piece of excellence. Keep up your good work too. It is good to be motivated. I would however love for you to work with me on a project to promote ingenuity and excellence in youths.

  13. Moses on said:

    Oh, great to hear that Sir. Thanks for your advice, I’ll keep it up. I wouldn’t mind working with you on that project, but all I need is getting intimated with the right moves to be taken απϑ we move. I love positive ideas απϑ always ready to support what’s worth supporting like yours Sir.

  14. Miss T on said:

    What’s really been on my mind is to start a non-profit organisation basically to reach and help as many people as possible. Although, main focus will be to develop educational and training program’s specially designed to meet the needs of the youths in the Niger delta region. Too much potential going to waste here. I saw a picture in Deji Fisho’s book “Switch” which said YOUTH POWER > 95,000,000 Megawatts. Imagine what all that power “could” achieve. Really confused tho! And not so sure how to begin this………*Le sigh!!! 🙂

  15. Ofili, you have been such an inspiration. Like seriously. I love reading your blog. It’s absolutely engaging. I have painstakingly tried stealing your writing style…………and I hope to soon complete the theft.

    I have had a crazy idea for a while. My idea is to sell Nigerian traditional soups in cans. Crazy enough? Well, its been with me for nearly seven years, and I’m convinced more than ever that it is possible.

    I’m not so fortunate to be among the first five to comment, but if there’s a sort of deadline to your offer and the so privileged don’t respond, I’ll like to be on your “CONSIDER THESE OTHERS” list (you have such a list, right? I hope so.)

    Keep up the great work. More grease to your elbow, more happiness to your life and more money to your pocket.


  16. This piece just took the weight off my shoulders, just like the Stallone book did. was looking for funding for my artiste’s record project and the financial intermediary was talking in braille. No matter how hard u try, art is not easy to quantify but he says the investors want a 2+2= 4 kinda thing,and their terms are annoying, it takes insight and a bit of faith and intuition to succeed (a la Rocky) out here but I know a change is gonna come soon as I keep on trying. Excuse me as I whistle away to the most inspiring song in the world ‘ Walt Grace’s submarine test….

  17. While I love the song as well, I have a completely different take. What happens when you get so crazy into your own self, your own ideas & will, and ignore everything else in life?

    That’s right … you take a homemade, fan blade, one man, submarine dive.

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  19. Thank you quite a lot regarding discussing this effortlessly people today you probably know what you’re talking about! Saved as a favorite. You need to also consult with my website Implies). We’ll have got a web page link business arrangement in between you

  20. People criticise what they can’t understand. No need to tell them because you don’t need their permission. It’s all about ignoring the critics and going for what is in your heart to do. As long as you start and don’t give up, you will get it. Or die trying. Which isn’t a bad way to go, really.

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